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Design Skills of Three Kinds of Jadeite Display Cabinets

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:237    Pubtime:2019-02-26 17:43:24
I don't know if you are a jadeite jewelry merchant, but the design of jadeite jewelry display cabinet shared by Xiaobian today will certainly be helpful to you, is not there a saying that "change is not inseparable from it?" There are many kinds of jadeite. When designing the jadeite jewelry display cabinet, we also need some skills. Next, we'll take you to learn and share with you.

The first is the type of jadeite.

A jargon in the jadeite industry is a standard of self-pricing. There are seven kinds of middle and high-grade jadeite. Among them, glutinous rice, golden silk and so on. Designers face these kinds. To show different styles of design, cater to the types of jadeite, in order to fully show the excellence of each kind.

The second is the choice of color materials.

For now, jadeite can be roughly divided into seven colors: yellow, green, white, purple, black, white flowers and red. The design and production of jadeite jewelry counter in the market are based on the color of jadeite to select the appropriate material. In terms of simplicity, another principle of color selection for jewellery display cabinets is simplicity, which generally does not exceed three colors, just like people with clothes.

The third is the degree of exquisite craftsmanship.

Jadeite is a kind of jewelry with very strict technological requirements in the jewelry industry, because the finer the craft, the better, so fine jewelry jadeite of course should be equipped with the most exquisite jewelry counter, so as to show its delicacy, delicacy and nobility. Of course, if you want to know more about or experience different jadeite jewelry display cabinet design, you are welcome to visit Funroad Exhibition Cabinet Factory for on-site experience.
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