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How to distinguish stainless steel material from 201 and 304!

Source:深圳展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:632    Pubtime:2017-11-16 10:19:23

How do I differentiate stainless steel from 201 and 304

Now there are many industries are used stainless steel shelves, the main is that it is good in quality, the price is relatively high, because of that so many businesses in the material above checkers, there are several different stainless steel material is only with the naked eye could not tell out what kind of bad, and now we can use some simple method to distinguish the nature of his, which at the time of purchase under see material pledge also know that you have being cheated.

First: buy the stainless steel potion, drop drop drop of potion on the stainless steel plate of 201 or 304, the color of the potion is in red is 201, the method that does not change color is 304 very simple method, the liquid medicine also is not difficult to buy.

Second: get the metal lab to test the NI NI content, if it is 8 or above, it is 304, otherwise it is 201

Third: you can experiment with water. Both materials are covered with water. After a period of time, you can see that the rust is 201. The rust is 3040 and 34 only rust when you encounter a strong acid.

Fourth: 201 is manganese high, the surface is very bright with dark bright, manganese high is easy to rust.304 contain more chromium, the surface is matte light, not rusting. Two kinds of put together compare.The corrosion resistance of the most important thing is different, the corrosion resistance of 201 is very poor, so the price will be much cheaper. And since 201 nickel is low, so the price is lower than that of the 304, and corrosion resistant performance is better than 304.

Fifth: many people know that using a magnet, which is magnetic, is 201, and vice versa.Stainless steel is sure to achieve the effect of stainless, the reason that it is in the above degree with a layer of film, good or bad is identified by the thickness of this level, the thickness of the thicker would be better, you can use to scrape see will there be steel primary show, if not then said instructions is thick, it remains to be seen whether it welding place full, with the hand is very smooth to the touch.

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