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How to Judge the Quality of Hetian Jade Seed Material

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:54    Pubtime:2019-04-26 17:27:54
Hetian Jade Seed Material is a precious kind of jade. With the decrease of high-quality Hetian Jade resources, the prices of all kinds of jade are also rising. Some excellent Hetian Jade prices are hard to find. Judging the quality of Hetian Jade seed material should be based on its fineness, oil moistening, maturity and whiteness.

Hetian Jade Seed Material

1. Delicacy

"Delicacy" is an important feature of Hetian Jade seed material, as long as it feels smooth and delicate, it gives people a comfortable feeling. Hetian Jade's fineness usually refers to "structural fineness" and "granular fineness".

Structural fineness refers to the short cloud flocculent structure in the seed material of Hetian Jade. General side light observation, good material inside the cloud structure is fine and uniform; particle fineness refers to the small particles of seed material, there is a slippery feeling when playing.

2. Oil Moisture

"Oil moistening" is a distinct feature of Hetian Jade seed material which is different from other kinds of jade. A good material looks like grease on animals. Its luster is soft and shiny. This is mainly due to the scattering of reflected light when the dense mass aggregates in the interior of the jade are produced. Touch with your hands, there is a smooth slightly blocked feeling, like a piece of oil, gently push the oil out of the feeling.

3. Maturity

"Old ripeness" refers to the age-old formation of jade, delicate material, oil-profitable, pure jade, looks like ripe fruit. Take white jade as an example, the old clinker material has a warm white tone with greasy luster, which naturally gives people a feeling of fine light, not extreme white; its shape is smooth, transitional nature, without obvious edges and corners; the quality of jade is compact, its density and hardness will be slightly higher than that of ordinary jade; the pore refraction is soft and smooth; the old clinker seed material is compact, its skin color is difficult to penetrate, can only be in the extreme. The shallow surface is colored, so the skin color of the aged jade is mostly golden.

4, whiteness

Hetian Baiyu has always been the favorite of players, so how to grasp the whiteness? Is it true that the whiter the material, the better? On this point, we must consider the delicacy, greasiness and maturity of the jade, and then look at the whiteness. In general, the good seed material is yellow-white warm tone. The white mutton jade in the seed jade has the quality of gelatin, fine blue, moist and clean, and can hardly be seen in the naked eye. Its characteristics are "white, waxy, fine, moist and transparent". Good mountain materials are also slightly red in white, but few are as delicate as lamb fat.

Buying Hetian Jade must contact more, find the feeling, and then understand the way out, grasp the fineness, greasiness, maturity, whiteness, in order to have a harvest.

This is the introduction of how to judge the quality of Hetian Jade Seed Material. Funroad Business Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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