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Introducing the Paint Effect in Customization of Jewelry Showcase

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:226    Pubtime:2019-04-24 17:51:13
I believe that in custom jewelry display cabinets, you are often troubled by the process of opening and closing lacquers, which are two comparative concepts. Today, Funroad will briefly talk about their differences.

Open paint: Where open paint refers to the natural characteristics of wood grain can be seen, just change the color, that is, wood can be colored on the treated substrates with water-based paste, then polished, primed, and then transparent topcoat. The basic technological process is: polishing - primer - polishing - primer colouring - second primer - polishing - facing - topcoat, but the open paint is very dependent on the texture of the original wood matrix, so the selection of materials is more stringent and harsh. It is a kind of spraying technology that fully exposes the brown holes of wood surface texture. It has obvious wood holes, clear texture and strong sense of nature, but its cost is high, and it requires high spraying technology.

Sealing paint: Road sealing paint, as its name implies, is used to seal the meaning of paint, as a function of sealing the pore fibre conduit of the base material, film-forming gelatinous, it is difficult to polish, even if the dilution point is adjusted, the viscosity is still high. Directly apply the color on the panel with a cloth brush, etc. to the surface to be done, then use paint as primer, and finally make clear water paint on the surface, twice primer, twice primer is divided into solid wood base (easy to polish) and sticker base (good transparency). Depending on the manufacturer's production process, the number of paints will vary. Sealing paint is a spray painting process characterized by the complete sealing of brown holes in wood surface texture. It shows that the paint film on wood matrix is plump, thick, bright and smooth. Sealing paint is suitable for all wood substrates.

Comparatively speaking, if you want the original texture effect when customizing the jewelry display cabinet, you should use the open paint. If you want a smooth surface effect, you need to use the closed paint to fill the uneven texture of the wood matrix.

This is the introduction of the paint effect commonly used in the customization of jewelry display cabinets. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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