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How to judge the quality of jewelry display cabinet by smell?

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜台厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:555    Pubtime:2018-03-14 09:37:03

The smell is invisible to us, but our eyes will have tears, which tells us that this product is practical for non-environmental display cases.But widespread adoption of smell is not the only effective method, to showcase the odour of also exist certain error, because not have odor reveals ark is toxic, reveal ark also cannot explain completely without peculiar smell is produced by pollution-free environment of raw material.

Accordingly, consumer is when the choose and buy, had better buy real wood, cane, such as natural jewelry cases, man-made board, plywood production of display cabinets, must choose reputable brands, and pay attention to whether all did edge processing;Cloth art sofa not only want to see fabric more want to see fill material use material;If conditions permit, don't forget to ask for a quality inspection certificate before purchasing.Generally speaking, 45 percent of display cabinets are not environmentally conscious, so we should choose the manufacturers and demonstrate the environmental protection display cabinet while buying the display cabinet.

The new display case bought from the market always contains a taste, but it is not smelly, but a kind of fragrance.Of course, this kind of smell is very lively and pleasant to smell, because he is a kind of fragrance.However, some customers may have a miss, it is the fact that the scent of a natural, environmental protection is a kind of containing harmful substances, the aroma of people in long contact with this kind of cases and a temporary will owe good effect to health.Really, customers can be at ease, like normal cases and companies are operating nature, reveal ark himself with no source of wood board as the design of the building blocks of storefront to make, and natural wood plank from cutting down trees, natural with the fresh scent is also a natural green environmental protection, people smell this kind of no harm, not only for a long time instead more beneficial to the health of human body.

However, because there are a lot of cases to the operating materials good several lots of several kinds of materials and of differences built into cases no matter in quality, price, appearance is different, some normal cases and the company may in order to land capital, individual chooses some can not meet the national standards and the relevant state authorities without process certification materials to design and build exhibition shelves, customers buy this kind of bad cases and possible operating whammy to the health of human body for a long time, for example, some companies in the "dirty" cases and I wish to spend the least amount of capital production under each style, then to the lower price than the market price to sell to consumers, with high prices to attract more customers procurement, some consumers due to see the price is low, a lot of appeal, and are often paid to buy this kind of move and inferior shelves, but buy back soon will flash certain problems and will be accompanied by a certain terrible monosodium glutamate, the taste is mostly material contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde, needless to say, people receive the formaldehyde can cause great danger to the body for a long time.

So, absolutely don't reveal ark consumers showed, under the product is a sample belongs to the tools of a penny a points goods, normal cases and manufacturer may be the market price will be higher, but these are right the coherence of regulations of the state standard, reformed to would rather spend high price to buy a security cases and to buy a low super cheap is a healthy invisible killer product cases and come back.Is whether the taste of the display case is harmful to the health of human beings and is determined by the materials operated by the division.

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