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Medium and high-end jewelry display counter dyeing technique!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜台厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:554    Pubtime:2018-03-14 09:32:47

General wood shelves have to paint, this also is to get a beautiful texture, uniform color of the surface of the wood, wood dyeing generally can also easy to maintain, we'll look at two dyeing methods in common use.

The dyeing of wood can be divided into two kinds: water color dyeing and wine dyeing.The water color is the aqueous solution of the dye, and the wine is the alcohol solution of the dye.In the process of production of suzhou, the water color is best prepared with acid dyestuff, which is made from a mixture of several acidic dyes.When dyeing with water color, the moisture volatilizes slowly, the dyeing is even, and the price is low, easy to use.

Its main drawback is that the water makes the wood wool, should add sand to grind, to eliminate pilling phenomenon.It is better to make the wine with alcohol soluble base dye.Alcohol is used as the solvent of alcohol, it is volatile, not wet wood, the removal of the wood surface, and the color is bright.The disadvantage of color dyeing is that it is easy to appear tone thick and uneven.

One, Armenian artificial staining: the use of artificial staining is generally to the appearance of the appearance of a relatively low or wooden concomitant surface roughness of the choice of the most primitive method to complete.

Two heavy penalties, dyeing machine: use the machine for wooden transmitter-receiver evenly at the site of dyeing can make military surface perfection, artificial is impossible to achieve, and dyeing machine not only high quality, efficiency and artificial incomparable.

3. Water color dyeing: the main mothership of this dyeing breaststroke is the water to make the wood fluff, and it should be sanded to remove the fluff.It is easy to appear in the color of the colored paper.

4. Wine dyeing: if the dye is dissolved with wine stain, whether it is water color dyeing or liquor dyeing, it is better to operate in glass, ceramic pot or enamel basin. Do not use metal containers.

If the jewelry display cabinet is stained with wine, it can be said that the alcohol solution dye 6, alcohol 70, and shellac varnish 24, after mixing evenly, apply by hand brush or spray dyeing.When the dye is dissolved, it is best to operate in the glass, ceramic pot or enamel basin, and do not use metal containers to avoid discoloration.

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