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How to maintain the jewelry display case and the traditional display case

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:696    Pubtime:2019-03-19 09:50:32

The jewelry display ark on market, the type of display ark is varied, the maintenance method is very similar.

Choose clean rags

When wiping the jewelry display case, must use clean dishcloth.When the cloth is wiped and dust, it is necessary to turn the surface or replace it with a clean cloth. The conclusion is that you cannot reuse it.Because this will only make the jewellery stand dirty and even the paint and the glass.

Two, do not use the cleanser

Want to keep the jewelry display case always bright and shine, must choose special cleanser.If the jewelry display case is very dirty, try to brush it a few times, but don't try to scrape it with hard material, otherwise it will cause damage.In addition, after the dishcloth is used, be sure to wash and dry.In addition, if the cloth is on the jewelry booth, use the cleanser of the clean carpet.When using, spray carpet cleaner lightly on wet cloth to wipe.

Remove watermarks on the paint surface in time

The used jewelry displays often leave handprints on the paint, so how can they be removed quickly?You can on the surface of the display case, the watermark with a clean wet cloth, and then use the iron above at a relatively low temperature pressing, so can make into the paint film of moisture evaporation, so that the watermark.It is important to note that the cloth of the padding is not too thin, and the temperature of the iron is not too high.Otherwise, the watermark on the display case is removed, but that leaves a deep impression, and more glaring.

Four, eliminate the display ark lacquer face burn mark

If be slightly not careful, the surface of the jewelry booth can leave a hot mark, need not panic, general case, as long as use the cloth wipe wipe to be able to go to the other.If very hot mark their deep, you can wipe gently with tincture of iodine in the above, or paint a petrolatum, day with a soft cloth to wipe again very hot mark can be wiped out.

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