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Jewelry stores generally fall into several categories

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:732    Pubtime:2019-03-19 09:50:53

For nine years in the jewelry display industry, we often meet some first-time customers, throw in one size, let the design plan, and sometimes it's speechless!
At this point, we need to be guided by our professional business people, such as the type of store, where the decorative display stands for a simple sharing.
1, side cabinet.The special ark that can show the image by relying on the wall commonly.The material that general side ark is necessary is: image back wall, show flat ark, cash register, chair, lamp belt and so on.
2, zhongdao ark.Generally refers to the special ark of the channel in the mall.Display image is weak, generally is by the counter and light show, if the middle position is larger or pillars, to do image wall, display effect is good.
3, the store.General is to point to the position that the place that relies on the wall in the market, and area also is bigger, can show brand image special shop completely.This includes image display, product display, negotiation area, experience area, leisure area, storage area and so on.
Independent stores.Usually refers to the street shop that is independent of the busy road.Its function is similar to the shop in the shop, its exterior facades can be a shop, window, can show the brand image better.
The type of store is confirmed, combined with the specific site size, the designer can undertake the preliminary plan of the plane!
There was a time when a blog post about an ineffective social network was retweeted on QQ and WeChat friends.
"You are a woodcutter. He is a sheep man. You talked to him all day long. His sheep are full, and your firewood?"A simple chat, because it's a little too one-sided and too utilitarian to be defined as an ineffective social network.
As we do business and customer service, we face many customers' inquiries every day.Some of them will tell you directly that he is here to understand the market, to see the price, but I will patiently communicate with the customer and make timely offers as long as time permits.In this point of view, quotation because there is no deal, during the period of all communication, the time spent is invalid, but sometimes there are unexpected harvest!
I have a customer from dubai, see we have a custom on ali Cartier jewelry counter, for several days at 10 PM to me understand the material process and the corresponding price of the cabinet, clear, after all what is gone!Six months later, I contacted me, and I was in three stores, nearly 40W.
Is it an invalid social?It cannot be judged at a time, nor can it be measured by any measure!Social network, want to go, want to do, as long as does not affect work, life, health is good!
Shenzhen every road decorative jewelry factory focus on business cases and exhibiting ark custom more than 13 years, 7000 - square - meter production base, services more than 5000 customers, 7 to 15 days can delivery Market prices plummeted 10% to shenzhen jewelry cases and service hotline begat every road decoration quality worthy of trust.
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