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How to make the display cabinet more stereoscopic?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:43    Pubtime:2020-10-14 15:21:40

  First of all, I would like to tell you about the common lights used in the design and production of the display cabinet. Let's not talk about the color of the light source here, but mainly talk about the illumination direction of the light source. At present, we usually say that the illumination of the light has five directions, which are top light, side light, surface light, reverse light, bottom light, etc. The top light is generally the light that forms the stereoscopic sense of the upper and lower directions. The projection of the light object is small, and the contrast between light and dark is strong; while the side light is the light that forms the left and right sides, and the light is from the left and right, the upper left, the lower left and the lower right. The projection of the light object is clear, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the level is rich, which is the most acceptable lighting method for people; The surface light is a kind of light with 45 ° angle in front of the basic lighting.

  The projection is flat, and the color of the light object appears completely, but the three-dimensional feeling is poor. The function of the backlight is to separate the commodity from the background. The lighting from the front and back makes the outer outline of the object clear and has the artistic charm of the silhouette effect, which greatly enhances the artistic effect within the scope of exhibits and space; The bottom light is a kind of light which can form the reverse effect as a supplementary light. The bottom light should be used as the auxiliary light distribution for the lighting from the bottom up. Gold, pearls and other jewelry that completely rely on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incident, so that the reflected "flash point" to stimulate the eyes of customers; jadeite, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light transmission should pay attention to light transmission.

  Therefore, in order to enhance the three-dimensional sense of jewelry display cabinet, the key is to select the light emitting light and reasonably use them comprehensively, which should be in accordance with the layout of exhibits and space, especially the application of backlight is very important There is always backlight in the external light color design. Space and three-dimensional sense are mainly formed by backlight, such as backlight 100%, side light 50%, surface light 20% to form a three-dimensional sculpture sense. However, this is also a reference basis. We still need to equip the lighting with specific effect according to the specific area, space and environment to achieve the purpose of enhancing the three-dimensional sense of jewelry display cabinet.

Quality inspection of display cabinet:

1. Shenzhen display cabinet production is whether the four legs of the display cabinet are flat, so that we can see clearly when we put it on the flat ground, and some display cabinet products only have three legs on the ground. Then it depends on whether the table top is straight. This can't be bent or collapsed. And should pay attention to check the cabinet door, the slot of the drawer can not be too big, but also pay attention to whether horizontal and vertical, the door can not slide.

2. Whether the seams of veneer display cabinets are tight or not, we should pay attention to whether the leather is pasted smoothly, whether there are bulges, blisters and loose seams whether it is pasted with wood veneer, VC or paint paper. When we check, we should look at the light. If we don't look at the light, we can't see where the problem is. The display case made of Fraxinus veneer veneer is easy to be damaged. As we think, it can only be used for two years. But for wood veneer, the veneer with edge cutting is better than that with rotary cutting. The way to identify the two is to look at the patterns of the wood. The veneers cut by cutting have straight and dense texture, while the veneers with rotary cutting have curved and sparse patterns. The part of the display cabinet with decorative panels must be edge sealed. If the edge is not sealed, the board will absorb moisture, swell and even be damaged. Generally, the corner of the veneer display cabinet is easy to be warped up, so we can use our hands to buckle the corner when selecting. If a button will be up, then there is a problem with glue.

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