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What kind of display cabinet is good quality and low price

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:87    Pubtime:2020-10-16 14:50:10

   In the case of customized display cabinets, or when selecting cabinet manufacturers, only the price of display cabinets can be checked. Display cabinets are customized products, usually a penny, and the goods are in excellent condition. The function of polishing in the exhibition cabinet factory is to repair the defects, including nails, cracks and other uneven places, and then use 240 ᦇ sandpaper to smooth the repaired atomic ash and pig blood ash, and then brush off the open primer. After the paint is dry, polish with 240 ᦇ sandpaper to make the surface of the finished display cabinet lubricated and flat. The display cabinet is beautiful in appearance, firm in structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and convenient to transport. And the exquisite display shelf has beautiful style, noble and elegant, and has outstanding decoration function. The high-quality display shelf makes the products play a unique charm. Display cabinet manufacturers are mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other shops to display and store products. They have appearance characteristics and powerful functions, It's a good idea, but as the saying goes, it's good: it's not cheap, the product is not cheap! We should think about long-term ideas.

   As far as the current display market is concerned, both the price and the quality of the display cabinet are concerned, which can be said to be a mixture of good and bad. Sometimes, the same raw materials, seemingly similar to the display cabinet, the price is very different. Customers are always fuzzy. It's all the display cabinets. Why are the prices always so different. In fact, the reasons are various, such as different technology, different raw materials and so on. Good display cabinet, from the selection of plates, to the requirements of technology, every process is very careful.

   How can I buy an affordable display? The following Shenzhen showcase manufacturers will show you several aspects, hope to help you!

1. The selection of the group is the primary factor to ensure the quality of the board of directors. This is not only a choice for the quality of the board of directors, but also a severe choice for the applicability of the board of directors. First of all, the board of relevant parts should be selected correctly, for example, the board of load-bearing part such as bookshelf can be used as fine core board. Secondly, the quality of the relevant committees is also under control. For example, the quality of excellent center plates is very different, far different from others.

2. Display the choice of finishing treatment: different boards need different completion process. If beautiful wood grain decoration board, then you can use varnish. With the general plywood or solid wood board texture is not good, is not the surface veneer, then needs to use is polluted. Similarly, if you use varnish, you should choose a better surface of solid wood or plywood. And use the contaminated, you only need to use ordinary paper. In fact, it can only be a waste of resources.

3. Deal with circuit trace and pipeline: the requirement of decoration company to decorate circuit route is also very severe. It not only requires beautiful appearance, but also requires safety and convenience. This is the extended use of longevity.

4. the treatment of exhibition cabinet nail polish: the processing of display cabinets to nail polish is severely attributed to the scope of paint. As the saying goes, "three colors and seven skirts." This sentence is more representative in carpenter's works. Now most of the decoration uses post-treatment board, and nails are used in the construction process. How to deal with the nail hole is an outstanding problem. This requires the color matching of putty to adopt a very severe mood, so that the color can match the wood surface as much as possible, and then make up for these defects. The same process applies to dealing with a part of a tree, a tree scar.

   Wooden products display cabinet is the cabinet of mainstream shopping malls. If you look at the major brands, whether it is jewelry brands, cosmetics, clothing brands or brands, to show their products are basically solid wood display windows.
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