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How to match lamps for ceramic tile display cabinet?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:15    Pubtime:2020-11-23 17:18:21

With the prevalence of modern fashion, the majority of ceramic tile shops' samples are made of punched iron frames into vertical or inclined plates. However, some stores will also place one or two display cabinets in order to show more samples. The display cabinets can show floor tiles and wall tiles. The number of push-pull panels inside is large, which can show more products in a small area. How to install lamps and lanterns for these display cabinets, and the display effect of ceramic tile samples is better? Today, we Shenzhen display cabinet manufacturers to discuss it with you in detail!

However, there are some differences in lighting equipment between display cabinets and fixed vertical or inclined boards, which are shown in the following aspects:

1. The vertical and inclined panels are fixed, while the model in the display cabinet is mobile.

2. The vertical panel and inclined panel display is single-layer, while the model in the display cabinet is multi-layer.

Here, when equipping the lamp, the vertical plate and inclined plate are fixed by so, and the model plate is basically fixed. As long as you select the appropriate lamp, adjust the lamp and irradiate it to the fixed model brick, but the display cabinet is different. The model inside is moving and changing. If according to the usual lighting equipment method, the lamp is illuminated in the center of a sample plate, but it is introduced to customers When the customer wants to see the innermost layer of the model, the center of the light may be at the bottom of the display board.

The general lighting method of display cabinet and its good or bad analysis:

1. The ceiling spotlight is installed in the display cabinet, the brightness is not good, the light is uneven, and some display cabinets are not installed in advance.

2. The lamp tube is installed in the display cabinet, because the light of the lamp is loose, the light is uniform, but the light effect is not concentrated. The effect of the brick surface texture is general, especially the brightness of the innermost layer is not good.

3. The downlight is installed in the display cabinet. The fire line of downlight is slack, and the light is uniform but not concentrated. The appearance of ceramic tile has a general effect.

4. Track light is installed on the display cabinet shelf, because the beam angle of the track lamp is generally 15 ° and 24 ° in the market. If the track light is installed on the display cabinet, the aperture is small, and the light is too concentrated on the surface of the ceramic tile, so the display effect is ordinary. If it is necessary to install track lights on the shelves of display cabinets, we advocate installing shovel lamps for our ceramic exhibition hall lamps.

5. The installation of track lamp on the ceiling outside the exhibition cabinet is a reasonable way to match the lamp if the distance of the track lamp is appropriate, the beam angle of the track lamp is appropriate, and the illumination is bright enough.

Funroad thinks that at present, installing track lights is a reasonable and effective way for us, so we should pay attention to the following points when installing:

1. The distance between the devices should be reasonable, and the distance of the track lamp should be as follows.

2. It is suggested to use the track lamp with beam angle of 36 degrees. If the beam angle is too small, it is easy to cause exposure on the surface of ceramic tile and affect the display effect of ceramic tile.

3. It is advocated to use the track lamp with uniform light (spot), such as lens track light. If the light spot is uniform, the light of the sample in the display cabinet will be uniform and soft, and the color of the pattern brick will be consistent.

4. It is suggested that the track lamp with high light efficiency should be selected. As long as the light efficiency is high, the innermost row of models can be exposed for use.
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