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Exhibition cabinet design needs innovation

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:62    Pubtime:2020-11-23 17:28:42

The design should be considerate and comprehensive. Once the design scheme is discussed and approved, it should not be changed easily, especially in the later stage. The change may delay the construction and increase the cost. Budgets are often the source of contradictions. There can be a big gap between budget and design. As a designer, we must accept the budget realistically and try our best to do the design work well within the budget. If the budget is not clear, it is likely to cause a lot of trouble. If the design and construction cost is too much, the designer should be responsible. Therefore, we should insist on making clear the budget standard, controlling the expenditure, arranging all projects and standards in advance, and doing well in the design and construction work within the budget.

Innovation is a skill that production enterprises must possess. Growth is the source of inspiration. For Shenzhen showcase design skills, inspiration often comes from life. For example, in-depth knowledge often shows that designers carefully expose all aspects of life and accumulate inspiration after blowout. Design inspiration or abstract elements, but all the visual design and abstract concepts in reality have certain rules and logic, and the focus of attention. Designers of display design often show such a center to capture people's memory. The accumulated memory of furniture design is an example.

Using props and other products for trade display and furniture design, even under different circumstances, its function is screen commerce, which is a commercial product. Commercial products should be displayed in this way according to the product design standards of user experience. Therefore, it is impossible to speculate on modern display design. Display advertising is the starting point, such as a frame or window.

But the innovation, design and exhibition in the near future should have deeper significance, such as "domestic consumers". The idea here is bold and the lack of innovative practice, because of many problems, including cost, including product features and public places, including the first time The meeting tells you how to have the same effect for "home". Therefore, in the local high-end consumer products such as furniture design, display design and mass consumption, the club has good quality and high consumer groups are a minority, and updating their service "home" can bring more additional service space, furniture products, home consumption concept design We'll see the idea of merging.

1. Show the jewelry of the first subject. It must be the only form that is very easy to identify jewelry focusing on interior design, allowing people to focus on unity and improving the visual impact of local conditions. This method provides excellent.

2. Props design.

3. color LED lighting and display cabinets can be a very important part, especially jewelry display cabinets. Good lighting design can reflect and create an environment for product sales. And cabinet design, color effect is excellent, let more coordination layer.

4. Display cabinet accessories can satisfy the heart. The goal of design is to attract people's work;

5. set up to discuss the customer's seat with large glass and irresistible charm with a strong Zen glass structure.

6. styles of jewelry display space. In order to smoothly and efficiently establish an appropriate proposal for the establishment of an exhibition and sales area, and it is easy to obtain the spatial pattern.

7. jewelry design shows, but there are also other cases where this is the difference between selected components. The primary and secondary leaves used in the two pieces were used as raw materials, and the style and materials of jewelry display cabinet glassware were repeated.

When jewelry display cabinets, jewelry displays lessons commonly used in production materials.
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