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How to place the cosmetic display cabinet

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Here to share with you your cosmetic display cabinet placement skills!

deep impression
Cosmetic display cabinets are usually located in prime areas of department stores, with a large flow of people, and everyone has a chance to see them. If you are in the right place, you will have to stop for a long time. Due to the large flow of people, a series of important factors need to be considered. The location should be determined according to the location of the display cabinet. There must be a combination of a logo and an applied product ID in front of the shelf. Set up luxurious areas, special areas, and classified locations according to product characteristics.

Borrowing things for beauty
The "cabinet" is specially used to display high-end cosmetics. First of all, we must distinguish and emphasize artistic beauty. The highlight of artistic beauty is often the use of artworks. There are a variety of accessories suitable for different cosmetic display cabinet designs. It is configured to adjust decorations, cosmetics and cosmetics. The overall beauty reflects the distance between the three counters.

At a glance
In the product display, the most important thing is to match the customer's buying habits. Only when the product is displayed in a conspicuous position and the meaning of the product is clear at a glance, can it be successful. If the customer doesn’t even understand what your monitor wants to represent, it’s wasting energy.

Reasonable classification
As a regular cosmetics store, you must not only meet the needs of different consumers, but also provide different varieties of the same products. This makes it easier for customers to pay more attention and compare. If your cosmetics are clean, tidy, complete, and have a good impression, then you have many choices to facilitate your second purchase.

Reasonable planning
You need to plan the layout of the display area. The basic requirement is clean. Different types of cosmetics also need to show the appearance of the surface. Generally speaking, the square outline helps to attract customers, but it also reflects the manufacturer's opinions. The type of brand power. It also cleverly arranges the cosmetics into a surface and rotates it to create a visual difference that attracts the consumer's attention and is visible in the distance.

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