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How to repair the damaged jewelry counter?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:27    Pubtime:2020-10-08 11:15:10

  The funroad display cabinet will cause certain damage to the jewelry counter no matter it is bumped and bumped in the use. However, when we encounter such a situation, how do we modify and improve the original appearance of the jewelry goods platform? The following is a small series of questions and answers to deal with these problems:

(1) What to do if the jewelry counter is scalded

   Generally speaking, the display cabinet is damaged by hot objects, such as boiling water, ash blower, etc. the simplest way is to use a soft cloth dipped with tea juice to scrub, or perhaps use the toilet water used in the day to scrub.

(2) How to deal with the burning of jewelry goods counter

   If the display case is accidentally burned, burned, sunburnt, such as cigarette butts, exposure to the sun and so on. First of all, determine whether the display cabinet has left traces on the paint film, and the wooden materials have not been harmed. Then, use a fine grain hard cloth wrapped with chopsticks' head to quietly wipe the traces, and finally apply a thin layer of wax to eliminate the burn marks.

(3) How to deal with the cracks in the jewelry goods table

   It is very common that there are cracks in the display cabinet in daily life. We may not have thought that milk can be used to remove the cracks on the surface of the display cabinet. The specific method is to pour some milk into the booth with a clean cloth. After that, the local area dipped in milk can be directly used to wipe the dust and dirt on the display cabinet. After scrubbing, the effect of removing dust and dirt is very good, and it is washed with water again Brush once, because there is milk on the surface of the display cabinet, the milk will have some sour taste after a long time. It will be OK to wash it off with water

(4) How to deal with the yellowing and tarnishing of jewelry goods counter
   After a long time of use, the display cabinet will gradually lose its luster and even turn yellow. It may be similar to the crayon stains used by children. In daily life, vinegar or toothpaste can be used to clean the display cabinet, but it should be noted that the time of scrubbing should not be too hard.
These are the common cases of jewelry display cabinet damage. No matter how, it is still necessary to carry out regular maintenance for the display cabinet in daily life, which can not only improve the advantages of the display cabinet, but also extend the service life of the display cabinet.
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