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How to use the cosmetics display cabinet to promote the sale of cosmetics products?

Source:化妆品展示柜台    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:405    Pubtime:2017-09-26 10:50:03

Exhibition brand cosmetics store counter in any stores tend to be set in obvious places, such as the market more than the first floor, traffic, etc, because of its own booth products belong to the kind of cosmetic skin care products, for the pursuit of beauty is the best product above and to attract traffic, so often cosmetics cases and design content very exquisite, cosmetic cases and development in the industry has gradually formed the mainstream of the three main styles, from the early simple cosmetics display counter display function.

Cosmetics shelves design is designed under a gorgeous elegant demeanour, like traffic so for merchants brought by the cosmetics department, a symbol of beauty cosmetics goods is at the same time is the time's reform, for customers with unique charm, cosmetic cases and design style development has formed the mainstream of the three main design style, nine elements under will briefly explain the three styles:

A minimalist mainstream cosmetic display case

Minimalism is the modern theory of furniture design, but also to commercial cosmetics display areas, minimalist design style emphasizes cosmetics "less is more" storefront design, through the design of concise form and colour collocation is strong Demonstrate the diversity of products, in the cosmetics cases to emphasize concise and smooth lines, such as chanel cosmetics cases though design with "simple", the design process is very challenging.

Second, go to the mainstream cosmetics display cabinet

To return this source there are two meanings, one is from the commodity itself characteristics and needs of customers, because the cosmetics for consumers to represent the beauty and create, for the evolution of environmental crisis, human crisis and consumers have a subconscious, therefore, cosmetic cases and began to pursue the green environmental protection design of beautification, and how to show the idea when to return to nature.

3. Design of cosmetics display cabinet for the mainstream of local vintage

Domestic cosmetics shelves design restoring ancient ways is the practice of extremely rich imagination, local mainstream design restoring ancient ways is according to the consumer goods area and consumer groups on the design to add local culture at the same time to restore ancient ways good architecture and totem design as a reference, such as the middle ages, the Roman era, the Chinese court, etc., of course and at the same time to merge the two cultures can be showed more intense sensory experience.

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