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Industry 10 years experience jewellery salesclerk , counter reception skills?

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Male and female counter - reception skills


Have a clear goal, motivation in the process of buying, quickly on their own choice with strong self-confidence, decision quickly, don't like to haggle over every ounce, don't like to spend too much time on shopping, irrelevant, reluctant to pursue.

In the consumption of the man, the mood change is not strong, the general emphasis on the utility and physical properties of the goods, the emotional color is weak, there is little impulse buying, and there are few anti-regret returns.According to these characteristics, we can take the initiative to warm in reception, actively recommend commodities, introduced in detail the performance, characteristics, use method and effect of goods, etc., make deal done quickly, meet the psychological requirements man going faster. 


Emotional factors, environment atmosphere, appearance of goods appearance, consumption desire, impulse buy, high expectations, fashion trend, practical, use value, comparison, small price

Therefore, we need more enthusiasm and patience to provide more considerate and considerate service when we receive female customers.Don't rush to make a deal, give them enough time to choose, compare, and satisfy their true psychology. 

The observation of the reception techniques of the counter

1.Age, gender, clothing, occupation

Old people pay attention to convenience and practical, the middle age is elegant and elegant, young people pay attention to fashionable and beautiful;Workers like cheap goods, farmers like strong and durable goods, intellectuals like elegant and generous commodities, and people in the arts and arts like unique products.When the consumer is near the counter, the salesperson can infer his occupation and hobby from his age, gender, clothing, and recommend the product specifically.

2.Look, talk, behave

The eyes are the Windows of the heart, language is the expression of the mind, and the manner is the reflection of the thought.

The consumers who are quick and quick to speak are usually bold and bright. For such consumers, the salesmen should quickly promote their products and make a quick deal.

In the selection of products, the movement is slow, the choice ratio goes, hesitant consumers, generally is the submissive character characteristic, the independence is poor.For this kind of consumer, the salesperson should be patient and considerate, help him to select, and appropriately explain, make it make purchase decision. 

3.The relationship between consumers

Consumers to shop, especially purchases in larger quantity, the price is higher is mostly to hand in hand, when the choose and buy due to their different personality traits and interests, and often do not agree.To receive such consumers, the salesperson should make clear the following situations:

Who is the money maker?Sometimes it's important to meet the willingness of the money maker.

Who is the consumer of the goods.Sometimes the user has a decision on the selected item. 

Who is the "insider" of the same traveler.Because he is familiar with goods, he is not a user, but he is not a buyer, but he has a great influence on the selection of commodities.

After knowing the situation, the assistant must careful observation, prioritize, found out that the "gatekeeper" of business, and then to "gatekeeper" as the center, help them consensus, the selected items.

A winning bible

The prospective client should be pleased to know you.

Speak with a gentle tone, but be firm in your attitude.

For salesmen, listening is more important than argumentative.

Any prospective client is one of the weak points of attack. 

Sometimes silence is golden. 

The more difficult a prospective client, the stronger his purchasing power. 

Forget failure, but remember the lessons you learned from your failures.

Sell success and make it your friend.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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