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Is the lighting of jewelry display cabinet key to jewelry sales?

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:655    Pubtime:2017-09-20 10:33:52

In the 21st century, people's material life level has been improved, and the demand for luxury goods has been greatly increased, among which jewelry is especially popular among people, especially women.Nowadays, more and more jewelry stores appear in the most prosperous part of the city, and in large shopping malls, jewelry counters also occupy an advantageous position.


Why does the same brand of jewelry business differ so much?Why are the two jewelry stores adjacent to the same mall?

In fact, sometimes it is not the product of your home is bad, it is not your service is not good, but you just ignore the purchase environment.Elegant Chinese jewelry, all need good light to foil, ability to radiate its due lustre.Jewelry store quite a long time if only one-sided pursuit of light to enough "bright", and simply to improve intensity of illumination is wrong, in jewellery and watches, small in the high-end luxury ZhanChen is not an option.Show a good light environment affected by illumination, space, color rendering, stereo feeling, dazzling, stability, etc. The influence of various factors and restriction, especially jewelry has a high requirement on the light, so the jewelry store lighting design needs to consider the following elements:

1. Light color -- the color of the soul light source of the jewelry itself is "light source color", while the color reflected by the light source of the jewelry is generally referred to as "surface color".In addition to some gems with fluorescence or phosphor effects, the jewelry itself is not luminous.The color of the light source itself is "light source color", and the color reflected by the light source of jewelry is commonly referred to as "surface color".In addition to some gems with fluorescence or phosphor effects, the jewelry itself is not luminous.So the businessman often chooses artificial lamplight to undertake illume, different jewelry is opposite light color has different requirement, accordingly want to match reasonable light color according to the type of jewelry.Gold jewelry can be illuminated by warm white light, while silver or gemstone products can be illuminated by cold white light.If your store does the opposite, sorry, the gold may turn white and the diamond turns yellow.

Store the overall color temperature According to relevant data show that gold jewelry in 3500 ~ 4500 k color temperature of light can show the best appearance, diamond jewelry in 7000 ~ 10000 k color temperature is the best, jade jade, agate jewelry between 4500 ~ 6500 k color temperature.

The gold shop in the high color temperature environment, the golden yellow will become the white flower feeling.

, 2, light and shade levels - the nods eyeball pen of jewelry At present, the jewelry lighting has not only is the question of whether or not to light up, but how to select the appropriate intensity of illumination, different illumination levels can distinguish level and sales of jewelry store.Gold, platinum, pearl, diamond and other small accessories you need to use the accent lighting to highlight, the intensity of illumination should be high enough, to reach about 2000 lx, illumination ratio at about 10 ~ spake to the environment.And jade, jade, crystal this kind of jewelry, its selling point mainly is gentle and gentle, so the illuminance of this kind of product does not need too high, 700-1000lx can.

For the single item in the small display case, the non-uniform illumination can be used to highlight the exhibits and highlight the characteristics of the exhibits.

For the high small display case inside the display, in the roof installation provides the main lighting of the spotlights, but should pay attention to the protection of lamps and lanterns.Lighting design is a jewelry store visual soul, good lighting to showcasing the products more perfect, especially the jewelry only with good light to show the value of it, part of the business is not good reason sometimes really is not a bad product, not your service is not good, but you just ignore the environment, so, don't let the lights ruin your jewelry!

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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