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Is there a difference between the off peak season and the peak season in the exhibition cabinet customization industry?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:15    Pubtime:2020-11-12 16:49:13

  Is there a cold season and a peak season in the exhibition cabinet customization industry? Maybe for a manufacturer, the busy season is when the orders are heavy, and the cold season is when the orders are small. However, this is not the case. As long as people who have done props in shopping malls should know that there will be a fixed time for the adjustment of shopping malls. Therefore, it is necessary for the display cabinet manufacturers to manufacture pallets according to the planning of shopping malls. This is the difference between the off peak season and the peak season of the display cabinet industry.

  Generally speaking, the two months before May 1 and the month after May 1, as well as the two months before and after the national day, are the most significant. Because this stage is a time when shopping malls are adjusted a lot, it is also for many businesses to open before the festival. As a result, a large number of businesses will need to display the display cabinets at this time, so this is the peak season for the display cabinet industry. The time of peak season is to test whether the comprehensive strength of a display cabinet manufacturer is strong. In the peak season, whether the production is in order, and can also control the quality of products, this is very important.

  After the above-mentioned months, the display cabinet customization industry will have a 2-3-month relaxation period. If it is only for shopping mall props, it will be more obvious. Since the demand adjustment is well adjusted, there will be no big change. As a result, some manufacturers specializing in shopping mall props will be very leisure at this moment.

  Of course, there are also some exhibitors who do not have a cold season. That is to say, they are very busy in the peak season, and they are also busy in the cold season. This has a lot to do with the variety of orders they have. Maybe they not only need to do shopping mall props, but also need to do exclusive stores or orders.
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