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Master these operation skills, clothing stores do not worry about customers!

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Clothing store operation skills 1. The opportunity to open a clothing store

Shenzhen display cabinet manufacturers found that many friends rush to open clothing stores when their luck is shaken. As a result, they are in a hurry to open and close soon after opening, which is heartbreaking. When you are going to open a clothing store, it is better to choose your own fortune to go up the slope or when you have a good fortune. When you are in good luck, you can do things smoothly and judge the result of decision-making plan is often accurate and accurate. Therefore, never open a clothing store in the mind of luck or desperate.

Clothing store operation skills 2. Clothing store operation content

Some friends look at what others operate to earn money and follow suit to open clothing stores, but often backfire. Others make money but lose money, and feel it is difficult to understand. In fact, the selection of operation content is an important part of the clothing store. First, it depends on whether your fate and five elements can cooperate with your profession. Generally speaking, the incompatibility of the five elements will lead to the lack of operation methods, operational thinking errors and other adverse conditions, which will lead to the failure of clothing store operation. Second, it depends on whether you understand the occupation and operation mode, as well as the current trends and trends. Remember that "layman" is often the primary cause of failure, and betraying the trend may also make you scarred. Therefore, it is very important to select the operation project suitable for their own fate.

Clothing store operation skills 3. Clothing store location

As an entity of clothing stores, the selection of location has a great impact on the operation of clothing stores in the future, so we must find a clothing store with good business location. The selection of clothing stores is particularly important. Generally speaking, we should pay attention to the following aspects when selecting the location:

1. People are busy and cars are slow. In business geomantic omen, the mobility of people and vehicles represents water, which should be prosperous and slow. You should pay attention to that some friends choose a lot with a large flow of people, but the business is still not good. It is often because people and cars come and go in a hurry and it is difficult to stop. Naturally, there will be not many people patronizing your clothing store.

2. The mountain is rich and the sand is prosperous. This mainly refers to the surrounding people and environment, such as large shopping malls, markets, complete supporting commercial facilities, complex number of clothing stores and high collective income of consumers living in the surrounding areas. The bigger the mountain is, the better, and the more prosperous the people and shops in the surrounding area are, the more favorable it is. This is "wealth is bound to be when the mountain is rich and the sand is prosperous.".

3. The bright hall should be bright. Mingtang generally refers to an area in front of the shop door. It is necessary to select the wide and bright hall as far as possible, the clothing store with a large area, the spacious area in front of the door, the flat terrain, and the signboard should highlight the bright hall. Only in this way can we have a bright and prosperous future. If the door is narrow, parking a bicycle is a problem, you will naturally reduce the number of visitors.

4. The clothing store is wide, high and bright. Entering a clothing store is too dim, disordered or low and depressing, which will affect wealth. Remember that the clothing store should be bright and harmonious, and give people a harmonious and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the format should not be strange, and it is better to be square. With such a big environment, people will be willing to spend money here, and your wealth will be prosperous.

Clothing store operation skills 4. Clothing store decoration

Choose a good clothing store, the next to decorate the clothing store. Clothing store decoration is related to the operation style of a clothing store and the first impression of its appearance. Therefore, the selection of decoration manufacturer is very important. It is necessary for the decoration manufacturer to have decoration experience of relevant clothing store. Because, if the decoration manufacturer does not have the decoration experience of the same type of clothing storefront, the clothing storefront that decorates at that time, in the practical operation, may not be able to completely meet the demand. At that time, if you drop and redo, it will certainly cost money and time. It's easy to communicate with the clothing manufacturers who want to decorate their own clothes, so that they can know what they want to decorate in the store.

Clothing store operation skills 5. Clothing store name and opening

A good clothing store name should not only conform to the fate of the operator, but also conform to the characteristics of the profession. It should be noted that the name should be loud, easy to remember and auspicious. The novelty name of chasing fashion may be attractive at that time, but it will always be out of date. If the time is not long, the business of clothing store will fall. In addition, choosing a good day for opening is also a very important link. This is also based on the master of the clothing store's eight characters combined with the good days of the zodiac, rather than simply flipping through the Yellow calendar to find a good day.

Clothing store operation skills 6. Select employees and partners

People are more active and difficult to control in the operation of clothing stores. The employees and partners of clothing stores are very important. They are better to choose people who are in line with the fate of the clothing store owners and have a prosperous role. This is often ignored by some friends. Improper selection of people will bring losses or even disasters to their own clothing stores. However, because some clothing stores are relatively large and have more staff, it is not easy to control them. In this situation, we can select several important positions.
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