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Jewelry counter design process

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Hi, hello, everyone. Everyone is meeting with you. Today we are talking about graphic design and display space.
The jewelry display case and the facades are not the simple drawing, but the design of the shape and props of the designer.They display the creative design of jewelry display with the display effect picture.In graphic design, the effect of the three-dimensional display cabinet should be expected, and the two are complementary to each other from different viewpoints.Due to the spatial shape of the perspective, the visual effects of the near and far, far, far and far from the perspective are not as accurate and real as those of the display case.In particular, it has its own advantages in the scale of flat and elevation drawing.
One. Planar graph method
In jewelry shelves design, the plan of the cases and mainly shows the environment space of the exhibition scale, space division and division, display props and the structure of the display and the proportion of plane scale.Once the floor plan is determined, the area division of the whole display cabinet, the direction of the display and the display of the display, the space composition is clear.Therefore, it is necessary to do a thorough analysis of the information of the display cases before the graphic design is carried out, so as to make the requirements of the whole jewelry store and the relationship between the exhibition parts and the audience.
2. Elevation drawing method
The elevation drawing is relative to the plane graph, which mainly expresses the shape and scale of the facade and side elevation of the jewelry display space and props.Together with the booth, they can accurately represent the spatial form of the display from three different viewpoints.We usually have the jewelry display cabinet flat, elevation drawing is also called three views.The elevation of the display is the same as the layout of the exhibition.
Design the drawing according to the actual scale of the spatial pattern shown.In the design of jewelry shelves, sometimes in order to show each exhibition booth between integrity and display logic, use elevation, in accordance with the order of the watch line, draw the so-called show linear expansion plan.This kind of the line of the front elevation is unfolded, can the effect of the space modelling and the display of the exhibition, one word is released to the performance.Drawing this line of walking can help the designers to push the correlation between the booths.It is easier for the viewer to examine the overall and local display effects.
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