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The safety of the jewelry counter

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:231    Pubtime:2017-08-04 14:42:43
Most of the jewelry showcases, in addition to the high-end atmosphere, also need to have environmental protection, can be recycled and reused. Environmental pollution, responsible for customers, environmental protection is the demand of every industry, love the environment everyone has the responsibility, we all the way the factory is followed by the idea of environmental protection.
To say that all roads are in line with environmental protection, in fact, when we were established, we always started from the environmental protection technology, engaged in the environmental protection of jewelry showcase. Because the environmental protection aspect of jewelry showcase has a great relationship with the quality of wooden display cabinets, environmental protection also decided the high-end of the showcase, and all roads are aware of this, the showcase factory is not to produce low-grade showcase, so we go to the right road, an  environmental protection road.
The environmental protection of jewelry display is clean, no pollution, no smell, easy to recycle, this is the high-end jewelry display is complete, wooden display can meet the requirements, but because of the different materials, the effect is also different. It is not difficult to achieve environmental protection, but the principle to be respected is: environmental protection, workmanship, quality, requirements.
At present nearly 70 % of the market is not environmentally friendly, even some of the more famous jewellers do not use high-end jewelry, not to save costs, but the market is difficult to find a professional manufacturer of high-end jewelry showcases, more general display of jewelry, not high - end, no high-end production technology, in the 20th century, the most common stainless steel, the hardness of stainless steel can not meet the requirements, must be high-grade stainless steel, and many display cabinets do not have advanced stainless steel display technology, ordinary wooden display cabinets, paint production line pollution Until the 21st century, many paint pollution display factories moved out of Shenzhen, the display factory realized the mistake, so as to advance the path of environmental protection.

We are in line with environmental protection, means that we are in line with the world; Remember the customer's dependence, is the meaning of this connection. We will always walk down the road, let more display factory to join us, let the showcase to be more environmentally friendly, clean the market of jewelry showcases!
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