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Jewelry display cabinet customization requires very detailed design drawings

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:99    Pubtime:2020-09-25 14:22:28

   As a supplier, customers often ask how long the production cycle is and when the goods can be delivered. Just like our jewelry display cabinet customization, we often encounter such problems as how long the manufacturer's manufacturing cycle is, I think this time includes the planning, manufacturing and installation of jewelry display cabinets. Therefore, this time cycle can be understood clearly with Funroad display cabinet customization manufacturers.

   The manufacturing cycle time of jewelry display cabinet is generally divided into two situations. One is that the customers have the planning map, and the other is that the customers do not need the planning drawings. The display cabinet manufacturers provide the placement solutions here.

   Before the customization of Funroad display case, if the customer has the engineering drawing, the customer will price according to the engineering drawing rules. After accepting the price, you will directly put it into the production workshop for production and manufacturing. If it is not engineering drawings, the interior planner is required to decorate the functional drawings and engineering drawings. After receiving the decorative drawings, the customers are required to confirm the engineering drawings. After confirmation, the orders are placed. This demand takes 3 days to place an order to the manufacturer. In the manufacturing process of the manufacturer, it needs 12 days. After manufacturing, the demand is assembled in the factory, and the expected effect is seen Once satisfied, delivery is possible.

   The delivery time should be adjusted according to the address of the customer's demand. As far as the region is concerned, it should be within the calculation of freight logistics time in Shanghai and Inner Mongolia. Generally, if it is sent to Inner Mongolia in Guangzhou, it needs about four days. After customers receive the display cabinet, it is difficult to install, and the installation generally takes 1-3 days. As a result, the manufacturing time of jewelry display cabinet is generally about 15-25 days. Therefore, in the process of interior decoration, the shop owner has to plan the manufacturing time of the display cabinet in an overall way, so as to prevent the opening time of the store from being affected, thus causing the remaining hazards.

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