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Common problems of making display cabinets

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:98    Pubtime:2020-09-28 11:52:46

  Shenzhen display cabinet is one of the most important display items in our shop. So, why do we need customized display cabinets for our display cabinets? In fact, in Shenzhen exhibition cabinet customization profession, whether it is Shenzhen display cabinet manufacturers or customers will often have problems, resulting in the effect of customer dissatisfaction, then what are the common problems?

1、 Standard

  The precise standard is to measure the quality standard of a display cabinet manufacturer.
Which standards are required to be mastered by the manufacturers? One is the on-site standard. The orientation and size of the display cabinets are generally measured by the manufacturers themselves. This standard is necessary to be precise and accurate. Otherwise, even if the products are finished again and again, the United States will be useless to customers. The second is the standard of the display cabinet itself. Some customers have very high requirements on their drawings. I have encountered customers' requirements that the standard error should be within one millimeter. Such customers can be a good benchmark to test whether a manufacturer's workmanship is fine.

2、 Technology

  The process is a messy thing. According to the planning drawings, many planners are not experienced enough and like to use various messy processes to achieve the effect of customer requirements. However, such drawings have experienced a lot of vicissitudes. Generally, it is not unreasonable to set up cooperation, but to make them suitable. This kind of problem is often communicated between manufacturers and customer planners to avoid such problems.

3、 Freight

  Freight refers to the manufacturer's products made and then sent to the customer's designated address. However, because this problem is uncontrollable, some manufacturers often damage their products during the transportation. The solution to this problem is to pack and repair the products on site. The packaging should be tight and try to avoid damage on the way. If there is a problem, the small problem should be repaired on site, and the big problem may have to be returned to the factory for rework.

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