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Jewelry display cabinet factory you said moonstone routine maintenance methods

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:261    Pubtime:2018-06-19 10:48:53

Today every road small make up to you about how to repair your jewelry, jewelry to remove itself quality problem, there is another side is the external factors lead to become yellow, if became yellow, and is not serious when can be polished again, make your jewelry if brightness is new.If it's already dirty, it's basically replaced, so be sure to clean it.

Some jewelry to a summer on easy yellowing, so not only should pay attention to clean at ordinary times, notice to maintain, maintenance method are many, such as: with warm water after soaking, with a soft toothbrush and gently scrub, soft cotton cloth to wipe dry after you know ying ying like moonlight moonlight stone, unexpectedly also will become a yellow face shiva?Yes, all jewelry, even if crystal clear as moonlight stone at the beginning, if not careful maintenance, as long as a summer, will be completely different.Still have bask in the sun: moonstone gives a person a kind of cool and refreshing feeling like water, so a lot of friends like summer to wear.However, you must be careful that the moonstone is not exposed to the sun or in a dry environment for a long time, which will cause the moonstone to turn yellow.Although the moonstone is beautiful, it is not very hard and will bring its own crack.For the sake of beauty, merchants may use glue to cover it.But after wearing for a while, the glue will fall off and the stain will seep in, causing the moonstone to turn yellow.Of course, in moonstone, not all are as white as moonlight, there are also some moonstone itself material slanting yellow.Of course, this kind of moonstone quality is inferior, the price is lower also, mix normally in complete set jewelry to use, after wearing often can reveal.So, moonstone to remove the causes of quality itself will lead it to yellow, daily maintenance and cleaning is a must to do it well, because internal factors cannot be changed, and external factors, we still can change.

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