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Jewelry display factory tells you some common knowledge about why jewelry turns yellow

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:253    Pubtime:2018-06-19 10:53:06

Today's women love to wear jewelry, which has become a fashion trend, because tourmaline stones are so refreshing to wear in the summer.But in addition to the moonstone, the tourmaline tourmaline may turn yellow.The jewelry shop tells you in detail that if you find your tourmaline turns yellow after wearing it, it is possible that you bought the tourmaline tourmaline with glue.The tourmaline is as brittle as the moonstone, the raw material is easy to crack, and the process is easy to crack.Therefore, in order to improve the product rate, stores will glue the tourmaline, but after wearing it off, the tourmaline becomes easy to stain with stains, and then slowly turn yellow.Because this is the congenital condition of tourmaline seal, so cannot avoid, only try not to see the price to buy tourmaline seal.In addition, after the glue falls off, attention should be paid to cleaning, also can avoid pollution to a certain extent.

Jewelry factory exhibiting ark besides said tourmaline, also tell you about another stone turquoise, turquoise biggest charm, lies in it like the blue turquoise, but if this cover with a layer of yellow turquoise, is not beautiful.And the factors that cause turquoise to turn yellow are quite a few.Turquoise blue-green, because contain Fe2 + (bivalent iron), but the Fe2 + is not stable, it will happen to oxidation, from Fe2 + (bivalent iron ions) to Fe3 + (ferric iron ion), resulting in turquoise tan, yellow.Turquoise is both a gem and a literary game, so turquoise can be played.But be careful when you play in the summer, because if you are a sweaty or greasy hand, not only will the plate not produce a nice paste, but you will stain the turquoise plate.As far as the structure of turquoise itself is concerned, it is composed of very small mineral grains, so there are pores.In daily life, if often contact with cosmetics, perfume and other irritating substances, these substances will enter turquoise with pores, leading to yellowing, or even blackening.The turquoise that wants to wear to maintain the biggest charm, so daily maintenance and cleaning is necessary, still have a few details to notice, today said this.

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