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Jewelry display cabinet paint peeling and foaming treatment skills

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:44    Pubtime:2018-11-21 09:18:12
In order to make the jewelry store orderly, the merchants will choose to customize some standardized jewelry showcases to be displayed in the store, which will not only make the store tidy and can display the jewelry products better. However, if the jewelry showcase is used for a long time, there may be problems such as paint falling off and blistering. If it is serious, you can of course contact the manufacturer of the showcase for after-sales maintenance. If it is not serious and does not want to be so troublesome, the merchant can solve it by himself. Then today, where the road jewellery showcases share the above problems, how to maintain the business.

First: the paint falls off

1. The paint quality is not good and peels off;

2, the wood is decayed or the metal has rust spots;

3, the surface of the jewelry showcase is too smooth, and the manufacturer used a lacquer or powdery base paint, the paint on the surface of the showcase is not sticky, causing peeling.

Solution: If it is a small area of paint peeling off, the easiest way, if it is black paint, you can use a black pen to fill the place where it falls off, white paint, you can use the correction fluid to fill it out. Another method is to use sandpaper after sanding, then apply putty, brush the primer and repaint. If it is a large area of peeling, then all the paint must be scraped off. Brush.

Second, paint blistering

1. The wood grain is cracked, and there is a small amount of air inside. After the sun shines, the air expands, and the patent leather will bulge to form bubbles.

Solution: First, scrape off the foamed patent leather, then fill the crack with a resin filler, and then repaint, or you can use the microporous paint directly after scraping off the patent leather.

2. There is moisture infiltration under the paint layer. After the sun shines, the water turns into steam, and then the paint skin is topped up into bubbles.

Solution: Remove the foamed paint, let the wood dry naturally, then apply the primer, and finally repaint the entire repair surface.

The introduction of the jewellery showcase paint detachment and blistering skills is here, and the jewellery showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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