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Jewelry Showcase Factory: How to let old customers introduce new customers?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:44    Pubtime:2018-11-21 09:18:34
Customer referral is a way to develop customers, with the advantages of less time, high success rate, low cost, etc. It is a very easy to use customer development tool.

The world's greatest salesman, Joe Gillard, summed up the "250 Law" in the business war. He believes that there are roughly 250 friends and family behind each customer, and these people can become your potential customers. Don't treat customers as a barrel of oil as an oil field, let customers voluntarily introduce new customers to you, you will get a steady stream of oil, and no longer worry about no customers.

Customer referrals are an important channel for expanding quality customers. There is a saying that the "Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as word of mouth", which shows that a good reputation can quickly accumulate contacts, and the network is the money.

First, the first concern is the most potential customers.

Because we usually serve a lot of customers, if you break through one by one, it will cost a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and some are invalid secondary conversion, so it takes a little time to filter and classify customers for future sales activities. Make a foundation. In fact, we can easily understand the approximate character and characteristics of our customers in the process of contacting our customers. How to classify according to the personality of the customer?

1, love the limelight: such customers are more vanity, like the limelight, willing to express themselves in front of the public, hoping to get the attention of others.

Such customers are particularly willing to introduce new customers on their own initiative, they will show off to the people around them, and they will achieve the effect of secondary transmission. For such a client, you can exaggerate one or two sentences in front of a colleague, praise him for having money, a wide network of contacts, enthusiasm, etc., to satisfy his vanity, and he will help introduce clients in order to show his prestige. of. Such customers are also known as gold customers. If you know how to guide and maintain such customers, then more and more new customers will be introduced.

2, demand exchange type: the meaning is that both sides have demand and can meet each other.

Such customers have a cold attitude and generally do not take the initiative to introduce new customers to you, but it is because of this that they are not willing to owe their feelings. So if you solve the problem for the customer when he is in urgent need of help, even if you call to ask about the situation, he will think about returning you. Therefore, in the face of such customers, we should contact more and pay more attention to it. If we find that customers need help, we can do our best to help.

3. Interest-based:

Such customers are more realistic and valued. You can use the interests to entice him to introduce you, give some financial or material benefits, and exchange equivalence. You can formulate an old customer's profit plan for introducing new customers. In fact, this has a certain similarity with the agent distribution model in the micro-business, small investment, big gain.

Second, strengthen post-maintenance and activate old customers.

Always visit old customers frequently, contact them frequently, call them when you have time, or buy small gifts or special products to visit when you are free, and turn customers into friends. I have a lot of customers who are introduced by customers. Every time I go home, I will buy a lot of jasmine tea, a small can and a small can to send to the customer, which has won me a good reputation. It is good that some customers have time to visit, but it is not easy to arrange when both parties have time, so for many customers, I send small gifts, souvenirs, and feedback is good.

Third, in the final analysis, it is determined by the personal charm of sales. It is necessary to develop self-confidence, humor, enthusiasm, generosity, helpfulness, perseverance and other good character.

Such as humor, humor is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence, it is a major lubricant in interpersonal communication, appropriate humor can not only subtly resolve some of the embarrassment of customers, but also make you more popular. Pay attention to the challenges and needs of your customers and help them as much as you can. Emotional relationship is greater than interest and cooperation is a very important point to maintain the relationship in the later period, and to have deeper communication with customers. Maybe it only takes you a few minutes, or he may have to trouble you for a few hours, but no matter what, if you can, help him, help others is to help yourself.

The introduction on how to let old customers introduce new customers is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.

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