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Jewelry display cabinets are not just for stocking

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:221    Pubtime:2018-11-21 09:20:01
With personalization and creativity becoming synonymous with the current trend, private customization has gradually become a service for the development of the jewelry industry. Some private jewelry workshops and jewelry stores have appeared in the streets with various custom banners. Where should the jewelry store go under such a trend?

Taking care of new and old styles

The jewellery products are constantly being updated, because consumers have the psychology of seeking new ideas. In the sale of jewellery products, there must be both “new bottles” and “old wines”. Customers who do not like exaggeration will favor “old”. "Wine," and some trendy customers will buy "new bottles." The popular trend will be scraped again every few years or ten years. Fashion has periodic and cultural regional characteristics. The so-called “old models” are not without market or popular.

Differentiated management

Differentiation includes many aspects of product differentiation, brand differentiation, service differentiation, quality differentiation, distribution channel differentiation, intellectual property differentiation, and finally pricing diversification.

Product differentiation is one of the most prominent points. The product differentiation strategy refers to how to make the company's products stand out in the same category, with obvious personality and more attractive than similar products. The differentiated business model consolidates the unique advantages of the brand while meeting the different needs of consumers.

Brand image is unified and elegant

Jewelry general customer price is not low, customers belong to the middle and high-end consumer groups, they pay attention to product quality and also the brand's service and image. Generally speaking, customers enter the store not only to buy products, but also to purchase services and product brand value.

Jewelry is a high-end consumer goods, so high-end jewelry showcases are even more important. The basic requirement for the display of jewellery is to be able to express the elegance, elegance and artistry of the goods. But is this only enough? In addition to the jewelry showcase, the design of the store and the image of the staff should give a feeling of “high on the ground”.

The jewellery display cabinet is not only used to introduce the goods, but the jewellery showcase is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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