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Jewelry showcases and jewelry can be sold very well

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:41    Pubtime:2018-11-03 17:40:06
Color is one of the important features of jewellery showcase display. When arranging, pay attention to the color matching of jewelry showcase, jewellery and decoration style. How to match the color of jewellery showcase?

    The color of the jewelry showcase should be in harmony with the overall decoration color of the jewelry store. For example, the overall color of the store is pink. The selected items such as the tray for inserting the ring can be white lining. The pink border is consistent with the overall color of the showcase. It hinders the placement of jewellery. Jewelry showcases should be able to highlight the color of the jewelry, and the jewellery can be highlighted in contrast or harmonious colors.

    There are several common ways to match the domestic market:

    The black velvet tray is used to hold diamond inlaid jewellery. The black and white contrast highlights the bright light of the diamond. The white lining of the red border tray holds the jade jewelry, and the red and green contrasts make the emerald green. Use a white silk tray to put a variety of pearls to highlight the softness of the pearl. Platinum jewellery is placed in a light blue silk tray to highlight the silvery white brilliance of platinum, and the decoration should blend with the color of the props.

    (1) Showcase decoration:

    In order to make the whole jewelry showcase more vivid and sporty, flowers, leaves, plants, vases, stones, etc. can be placed in the space of the tray.

    (2) Wall decoration:

    The wall of the jewelry sales occasion is a very good propaganda site, which can be used to shape the corporate image, product image, brand image and service image. On the wall, the posters of the jewelry brand can be posted in an appropriate amount to increase the customer-to-business and merchandise. Awareness and impression.

    The lighting can highlight the shape, color and texture of the store's products, attracting the attention of customers' products. The lighting configuration of the jewelry showcase must be scientific and reasonable.

    In general:

    Warm jewels such as jade, ruby, yellow light, diamonds, light blue and other cool gems, white light, opal, pearl, jade and other water-loss gems. A small water cup is arranged in the jewelry showcase to maintain a certain humidity, and the temperature of the light should not be too high.

The introduction of jewellery showcases and jewellery that can be sold very well is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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