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Jewelry display case color attraction

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:228    Pubtime:2017-08-09 17:59:16

Many people go to the mall to buy clothes not yet since you will be attracted by the colour on the ark; and you will go to see in the past, but you see is not the clothes, see of is clothing shelves, then why it interests you, you can see it is colour, red, green, all sorts of color, and so on, but is that you will be attracted, is not so simple, color and clothing shelves together when the magic.So let's see how they're 

created.Let's analyze the fusion of different color and clothing display cabinets.Red is commonly used in the clothing show cabinet for traditional festival, celebration decorate, create an auspicious, joyful atmosphere green, can give a person a kind of energetic feeling.Green is

 in the clothing show cabinet in the shopping environment design, adopt green, the symbol is the tree, the flowers and plants.Yellow is in the clothing display ark layout, give a person with downy bright feeling, make person full of hope.Purple, will give the psychological feeling of

 dignified, noble, elegant, make person produces a kind of awe feeling.Purple and clothing display cabinets are often used to sell high-end, valuable products such as jewelry, timepieces and other places.Black and storefront is a kind of passivity clothing color, give a person a kind

 of heavy, pent-up feelings, in the shopping mall is not alone, but with other color collocation appropriately, also can produce certain visual impact.Blue and dress display ark can make person associate to broad ocean, broad sky, give a person a kind of profound, open psychological

 feeling, the use effect is better when selling travel goods.The clothing display cabinet color design can also stimulate customers' desire to buy.In the hot summer, the mall is dominated by cool colors such as blue, brown and violet, and customers have a cool and comfortable

 psychological feeling.Use the popular color of this period to decorate sale lady's goods place, can stimulate customer to buy desire, increase sales.Color has a strong stimulative effect to children, children is sensitive to red, pink, orange reaction, use when selling children's goods, the

 effect is better.Use color can also change the visual image of the customer, make up the business place defect.If the ceiling is painted light blue, can give a person a kind of tall feeling, the color that the wall ends of the store business place is painted gradually shallow, give a

 person a kind of vast feeling.Changing the color of the shopping mall for a period of time can make customers feel new.Color has a great influence on the environment layout and image shaping of clothing display cases in shopping malls, so as to make the business place tonal

 achieve beautiful, harmonious visual effect.You must design the corresponding tones for the various parts of the shopping mall such as floor, ceiling, wall, cruisers, shelves, counters, staircases, Windows, doors, etc.From this point of view, as long as the businessman has mastered the

 collocation of different color and clothing display ark, the perfect color and the clothing display case collocation is the magic that attracts you.

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