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Where does the high-end display factory come from

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:227    Pubtime:2017-08-15 11:00:07
Once a customer had bought several Showcase, orders were small, but many, our company was not afraid of his orders, one would say to provide a business license, what to provide, and so on, and various signed contracts, and finally our company also did not earn from this customer's hand what profit. Because of the existence of such customers, so the jewelry display factory has to take the high-end line.

Many times, we want customers to believe that the jewelry we produce is high - end, our service is also high - end, but only can express a feeling. High - end is not what the customer wants to give to the customer, but to restrict some of the customer's needs.

Once our company's jewelry showcase factory has disguised as a customer to consult a showcase factory, and finally this showcase factory because of our small, business license, proved nothing to provide, can be found that the display factory is the path of the Gao Dashang.

A high-end line of jewelry display factory need to have the courage and courage, since the choice, you will dare to invest. After all, the high-end line, for our factory size, staffing, production equipment requirements high. Although the site does not require tens of thousands of square what, but at least customers come to the factory to see the actual things, the actual product process.

In fact, the jewelry display factory to take the high-end route is also for a reason, for the display factory, a order of one or two million is not a big list, and the current situation is that many are only ordered few quantities. Custom - made showcases are high-end products, the price is higher than the price of direct purchase, long production cycle, large production costs, if the orders small, the showcase factory is large, small quantities of general orders are high, such as the demand for a variety of proof, and demand for delivery time is urgent, the showcase factory if stop the production orders to produce other orders, is a very large internal consumption.

Since you're going to take the high-end route, you have to give up something, such as giving up a showcase with low sales prices and small orders. Focus on making jewelry showcases. Because the jewelry showcase is the most high-end of the current showcase, whether in the process or material requirements are high, if the customer's order is small, and request for the qualification of the display, jewelry display factory if not provide the enterprise qualification certification, it may abandon the order, and the high - end line is also.

I believe we have understood why the jewelry showcase factory chose to take the high-end route, this is the showcase factory to reduce the unnecessary trouble, on the other hand to reflect the size of the size of the enterprise, this enterprise route will achieve the deterrent effect of the enterprise, leading the enterprise towards the high end.
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