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Jewelry display case, show ark how to distinguish good work quality

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:454    Pubtime:2017-06-06 09:53:24
gauze slightly wet tea leaves to wipe brush, use dry cloth or touch cold water scrubbing, will make the commercial furniture especially bright and clean bright.But after using tea water to wipe display ark, remember to want to use the wet cloth that is wet with wet cloth again clean the tea water.Because tea water usually has tea stained, residue on paint surface can affect the colour and lustre that show ark original.If the milk is out of date, don't throw it away. You can use it to maintain the display case.
Take 1, 400 ml of light beer to boil, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, stir well and mix well.When the mixture is cooled, dip it in a soft cloth and wipe the wood after it is cleaned, then wipe it clean with clean water and then dry it with a soft dry cloth.With white vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1:1 mix reveals ark to gently wipe the surface stains, more difficult to remove if besmirch, can stay in a little vinegar water stains on the surface, then rub hard with a soft cloth.Because acetic acid can soften dirt to disengage from the display case surface.This kind of method applies to annatto reveals ark maintenance, and other contaminated with oil ink reveals ark after clear if polished or on the wood varnish, inadvertently been thermal hot very hot mark, can use first lemon slice, lemon juice or dipped the cloth to wipe, and then soaked in hot water in the soft cloth to wipe, final reoccupy fast dry soft cloth to wipe, can restore the original light.
The white paint on the surface of the display case, the day will be yellow, not only look old, but also feel very unrelaxed.You can apply a toothpaste or toothpaste with a cloth and apply it gently to the top, using the bleaching effect of toothpaste, the color of the display case can be turned from yellow to white.But don't rub because the rub in toothpaste will rub off the paint and damage the surface of the display.
Use a clean cloth to soak in the milk and then use the cloth to wipe the table and other wooden display cabinets.Finally, you will remember to wipe it again with water, or there will be milk residue.This method can be applied to various kinds of leather, paint, marble, marble and other display cases.
In this way, the service life of the display case can be maintained for a long time, using the quality of perception.
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