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Jewelry display case, display cabinet classification

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:262    Pubtime:2019-03-19 09:47:27

The display case is different from the customer's requirement, the material use and the craft demand, the price of the display ark is to be determined by you.Or display cabinets, display cabinets, etc., in each brand cosmetics shop can be seen everywhere, and colorful bright, give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment, but the color itself is no soul, is a physical phenomenon, but as fate would have it, we can get the color to our emotions, and caused by this kind of emotion out some actions, such as consumption.
Both black and white or color, the expression has its own unique characteristics, each kind of color, change when the purity of its lightness, or with the collocation of color changes, the expression of color is changed, therefore, different cosmetics counter using different colour.
Jewelry, cosmetic display ark is used to display the goods ark, the shelf.The colors of cosmetics display cases are gold, silver, matte black, magenta and gray.Jewelry cases and delicate appearance, firm structure, easy tear open outfit, transportation is convenient, widely used in the exhibition hall, exhibition, department stores, advertising, etc., in the arts and crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phone, glasses, watches and clocks, cosmetics and other industries widely used.
Jewelry, cosmetics cases and characteristic: reasonable structure, durable, convenient to move, delicate and beautiful and easy, fully enhance the product image of display items, brand image and corporate image.
The cases to show, with lots of accessories, can match wood, crystal plate, acrylic, tempered glass, aluminum alloy, etc., and each component is able to record the live installation, a variety of colors.The rich choice can make your makeup shop to display ark to decorate the design effect more satisfied.
General cases and low production cost, convenient and practical, good interchangeability, however, in the arrangement of goods on display, always make people feel drab, inflexible, lack of attractiveness.To make a display beautiful and rich in their life, many stores have adopted many type container, such as triangle, trapezoid and hemicycle and polygon counter to attract the attention of the audience.
Because using different container combination, not only can reasonable use of an area, but also can eliminate common container, the image of monotonous, mechanical add lively line change, make the store presents the rhythm of curve.
But when adopting the ark of different type, want to pay attention to the ground to make appropriate, want to combine building pattern decorate, put.In general, placed in the business field in the corner of the triangle counter, because it covers an area of small, can meet like beverage, food, daily provisions and other goods to sell.Many triangular counters can also form a semicircle, circular or flanged layout, bringing aesthetic feeling to the overall layout of the store.
The semicircle counter is designed to make full use of the business area to show the goods and make the customer fully see the full appearance of the product.
The trapezoid counter is designed primarily to change the bridge between the counter and the counter.Because in the corner, common counter goes on to the right Angle, seem to be blunt, and easy to bring unsafe factors, such as adopting trapezoidal counter, the cohesion between the counter is natural, and could lead to a business area of use.
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