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Jewelry showcase design and display skills points!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:51    Pubtime:2018-09-05 17:34:11
The reason for the impulse of the customer is that the product has a strong visual expression, and the source of powerful visual expression is the use of superb showcase design methods! This shows how important the showcase is to the store, and any store needs a showcase!

First, uniform and clean

The goods are neat and tidy: the showcase of the jewelry store should be full and tidy, all the goods should be displayed in an orderly manner, and the product labels should be standardized and eye-catching.

The price is neat and tidy: the price of the goods should be arranged in ascending or descending order from left to right, which is beneficial to customers' purchase of goods.

Second, the sense of hierarchy

Showcase: When there is a combination showcase, it should be mainly low and then high, and stacked in two to three levels, which is convenient for displaying different styles of goods at different price points.

Cargo: In the same way, the method of balance slash, double line, and word type is used to avoid the line of sight of the rear goods. The overall appearance is symmetrical, so the sense is more good.

Goods: The same low and high, high and high price, low and low price are combined, placed on the base of different heights in the cabinet, and the goods in the entire cabinet should also be arranged from left to right or opposite.

Third, the theme

From the display effect of the whole store, the customer can feel the brand culture of a company, which is a brand style, product positioning and market positioning.

The theme should change with the festival and the promotion. When the festival changes, the customer can clearly know the type of the main product of the festival from the atmosphere of the showcase of the whole store; in different promotions, the customer can clearly know the specific content of the promotion.

Fourth, flexibility

The display of jewelry stores needs constant new changes. Even if there are no new products, it is necessary to change the location and display mode of the original goods, so that the old customers have a sense of freshness every time. And ask the clerk to carry out daily management of the shop showcase.

You can start with the following aspects:

1. Regularly adjust and replace the new light box or counter to promote the picture in time.

2. Regularly reset the normal product display pattern and re-display according to the style of the product.

3. Adjust the structure of the goods and adjust the inventory of the goods and the goods on the shelves to increase the freshness.

The introduction of the jewelry design and display techniques is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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