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The price of jewelry in the jewelry counter is different. How to display it?

Source:凡路珠宝柜台    Author:凡路珠宝柜台    Visit:51    Pubtime:2018-09-04 18:02:20
Gorgeous jewellery counters don't necessarily make good jewellery. Often good jewellery displays are those that make consumers unforgettable and impressed. They can create brand influence, spread brand culture, and directly stimulate consumers to purchase. How to display jewelry of different prices? Maybe you can find your own answer in the following points.

1, with the counter as the basic display

Jewelry with high value and the need for a small space to set off the beauty is displayed on the counter as much as possible.

2, vertical matrix display

Due to the limited size of the store, it is necessary to minimize the display area of the jewelry in the horizontal direction. In the case where the characteristics of the jewelry permit, the "vertical display" method should be used as much as possible to effectively utilize the "vertical space" of the store. For example, bracelets with rope ornaments, mobile phone chains, waist ornaments, car accessories, etc. should be wall-mounted.

3, volume display rules

On the small and big, the upper and lower weight; left small right, big left and right weight; the heavy, big jewels are placed underneath, small, light jewels are placed on it. This visual focus is below, in line with people's aesthetic habits.

4, color display rules

Left shallow and deep, shallow and deep; left cold right warm, cold right warm, excessive ladder.

5, the main push jewelry priority

Different jewels have different competitiveness and different profit levels. Therefore, each stage of the store should have a purpose to choose the main jewellery key sales. In order to ensure the sale of the main push model, the display of the main push model must be kept at a position and height (parallel to the line of sight) that the customer can easily see.

6, the display is full

To make the jewelry full of display cabinets, increase the fullness and visibility of the jewelry display. As the saying goes, "the goods sell in the mountains," consumers generally think that the goods must be best sellers, fresh.

7, image display

When displaying jewelry, try to show its best image with the help of instruments. For example, the bracelet can be displayed by means of a display stick or a display ring; the bracelet, the foot chain, the waist and the like can also be displayed by means of a model.

8, joint display

Small jewelry can be displayed jointly with the neighboring stores or related stores, or these jewels can be handed over to these related stores for sale.

9, the price gradient

The left is cheaper and cheaper. In order to facilitate the comparison of the same kind of quality between the jewels, the jewels displayed in a concentrated manner should be converted from high to low according to the price, which is convenient for customers to compare and select.

10. Regular adjustment rules

Jewelry is a jewel that is closely related to fashion, and store display should also show change and vitality like fashion.

The introduction of how to display jewelry with different prices is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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