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Jewelry store decoration design and the display case should be aware of the feng shui taboo!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:362    Pubtime:2017-12-12 09:24:20

Jewelry display cabinets in jewelry stores should not be placed in the exit

In the jewelry store some jewelry store when decorating a design in order to promote jewelry, often decoration on the escalator outlet jewelry cases, jewelry store decoration design, of course, the purpose of doing this is to make the customer a set foot on the floor can be seen and sell goods, in order to increase the possibility of selling goods, but this kind of jewelry store decoration design often makes some customers would deliberately around the shelves, and towards the shelves beside.In the design of the jewelry store, you might as well move the counter to the side of the stairs to the next two meters, and then look at the sales effect after the design of the jewelry store.

Jewelry shop decoration design of jewelry store color - can not be arbitrary

Jewelry store decoration in the jewelry store decoration design color is very exquisite, now there are many stores very pay attention to the color of store inside, should be paid attention to in the jewelry store decoration design color, more lively colors such as red, can make a person is in a state of relative excited, excited about the purchase desire.Try it when you're doing a jewelry store renovation.

The jewelry store in the jewellery shop - made a little unkind

In the jewelry shop decoration design, it should be noted that the door of the jewelry store is the throat of the shop, which is the passageway for customers and merchandise to go in and out.The store's door daily to the customer, determines the rise and fall of the store.Therefore, in the jewelry shop decoration design the door is not easy to make too small.

Pay attention to the sound of noise in the design of the jewelry store - don't play the deafening music

After playing loud music in the jewelry store to decorate a design, actually it is very bad, the music itself can create an atmosphere, but to look at is what creates atmosphere and soft elegant music after the jewelry store decoration design, can make the customer ghost town, increase customer stay in the shop, thus increasing the possibility of customer consumption;And blasting music called "evil spirit" in feng shui, belong to a less auspicious, makes people naturally producing irritable mood, after the promotion of jewelry store decoration design can only play a negative impact.

The jewelry shop decorates the design taboo straight flush - escalator not to the gate

Should be paid attention to in the jewelry store decoration design, now most of the major stores have escalator, please note that don't escalator to the shop door, if the jewelry store before decorate a design has been the formation of such pattern, with jewelry cases and try to keep out, make the customers don't see the escalator entering a door, it is also a feng shui in the principle of "xi, avoid is straight at", otherwise, decorate a design in jewelry store after the customer is in the shop you "visit, less generous".Wouldn't that be bad?

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