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Jewelry store space design and display cabinet placement skills!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:44    Pubtime:2018-10-18 17:48:22
Jewelry showcases are the main part of the storefront, so many times the customer's storefront decoration and jewellery showcase purchases are operated separately, but the general showcase factory has a lot of online search, and the price varies greatly. This is because the customized products are often related to the quality of the brand.

    First, show space people flow line design skills

    One of the key points in the design of the jewellery showcase space is the design of the tour route, which is related to the final result of the show. From the perspective of behavioral psychology, people have some instinctive habits in their behavioral activities: when they move purposefully, they are used to copying shortcuts; when they are in a space such as a shopping mall, they are used to browsing along without a destination. The wider channel navigates the display in a straight line. Therefore, the design of human flow lines has become a key part of demonstrating the success of the design, reasonable human flow line arrangements and timely visual center points. The road showcases have been understood by many years of customers to enable visitors to better receive the displayed The object, which works well. Where the road showcase informs you that according to the difference between the size of the display space and the display form, there are different route arrangements in the showcase display flow guide:

    1. Large-scale exhibition space, the exhibition area is large, sometimes occupying several floors or several exhibition halls. Generally, the space of stairs, corridors, elevators, and central halls is used to connect the space at different levels and positions. Together, form a complete jewelry display cabinet display environment. The method of designing the flow line of the human body is a layered series type, a spatial superimposed series type, a centripetal divergent series type, and the like.

    2, small-scale display space, display area is usually relatively small, the design of the flow line is particularly important, the design should consider the road conditions around the exhibition site, in order to open the entrance at the right time, as much as possible to attract people into the inside; Consider the characteristic scale of the displayed content and make full use of the limited venue for the display activities. Second, show space people flow line design taboo

    3. In the design of the display space human flow line, there should be no repeated routes. Repeated routes will make visitors omit the exhibition activities of some exhibition areas, which is not conducive to the full development of the exhibition activities. Usually, the arrangement of the route should take into account all the exhibition areas in the exhibition hall. In the design of the human flow line, the corners should not be observed.

    4. When designing the space flow line of the space, it is not possible to violate the regulations promulgated by the state concerning the display field. It mainly shows the width of the passage, the number of entrances and exits, and the straight-line evacuation distance of the main passage and the stairway and the exit position. It should meet the fire safety evacuation safety requirements promulgated by the state.

    5. Don't neglect to divide the display space into groups by color, partition, column, lighting shape, display and space modeling, and create rhythmic changes in the ups and downs of the space, so as to strengthen the connection between the primary and secondary channels. The consciously stop watching all the displays with the guidance of the design.

    6. Don't neglect the relationship between the display environment and the overall space. In the design of the human flow line, the best position and channel width of the exhibition area, negotiation area, leisure area and performance area should be considered to ensure that the exhibitors have a good viewing mood. .

The introduction of the jewelry store space design and showcase placement skills is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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