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Want to open a store to showcase? First understand the basics of the showcase!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:221    Pubtime:2018-10-17 18:23:02
Is it easy to open a store? Of course, it is not easy. From the previous fundraising, site selection, decoration and post-operation, which link is more laborious and painstaking. As a professional optical shop decoration Kaiyuan Seiko, today we will talk about the shop decoration showcase design. !

    The showcase is an important project for shop decoration, and it is also a link that cannot be ignored. A good showcase design can bring more customers to sales. Showcases are usually divided into the following categories:

    High cabinet
    Also known as the back cabinet, the showcases with a height of more than 180 cm in the production of the showcase are collectively referred to as high cabinets. The back cabinet, which stands against the wall, is called a double-sided cabinet that needs to be displayed on both sides. Usually used in clothing showcases, leather showcases, shoe bag showcases. The height of the high cabinet is 240 cm, because the size of the commonly used wooden board is 120*240 cm. Customers can increase the length of the showcase according to the venue or design style.

    Low cabinet
    Refers to the display cabinet with the same structure as the high cabinet, but the height is about 120 cm, and the wall and double-sided products are also displayed according to the needs.

    Front cabinet
    Refers to the showcase with a glass cover of about 100*50*100 cm. The front cabinet has a glass cover for effective protection of the exhibits. Therefore, it is usually used in jewelry showcases, jade showcases, gold showcases and silver showcases. The front cabinet can be installed with a variety of lamps such as LED spotlights, LED light bars, and ordinary spotlights. The glass cover can also be selected according to the needs of ordinary clear wave and ultra white glass, and can also choose whether to temper. The opening method of the front cabinet has also evolved from the earliest back-up type to the drawer-type opening with better effect.

    Corner cabinet
    Refers to the showcase that is made when the front and rear cabinets of the two rows need to intersect. The length and width of the corner cabinet are not large, but the glass cover is higher than the front cabinet, which can be used to highlight the single product, and the front side can highlight the brand effect during production.

    Boutique cabinet
    Refers to the showcase that can be displayed separately for the product. The size of the boutique cabinet is not large, but it is more particular about lighting and glass. This is because the quality cabinet not only highlights the unique taste and efficacy of the product, but also greatly enhances the exposure of manufacturers and brands. Compared with the counter, the boutique cabinet has the advantages of small size, easy transportation and low price. Therefore, the boutique cabinet is more suitable for the display of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Nakajima cabinet
    Also called Nakajima, it is a showcase placed in the middle of the store for product display. The Nakajima cabinet is characterized by a low height and is convenient for customers to take exhibits. According to the different products, it is divided into the island cabinet in the clothing, the island cabinet in the home appliance, and so on. The island cabinets in the clothing can be generally made of wood or iron, and are designed into a combination of styling and splicing, such as a combination of height and size. In the home appliance, the island cabinet is generally designed with a double-sided design, the top is a light box, the middle is a glass laminate, and the two sides are also practical design of the light-emitting poster light box.

The introduction of the basic knowledge of the showcase is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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