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Layout form of showcase space in jewelry store

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The main purpose of the store layout of a jewelry store is to highlight the characteristics of the product, whether it is a jewelry cabinet or other cabinets (clothing and cosmetics cabinets), the ultimate goal is to make customers want to buy, and can be easily selected, so the design of the jewelry cabinet is very particular. It needs to be clean and unconventional.

When arranging the store, it is necessary to consider a variety of related factors, such as the size of the space, the number of types, the style and function of the goods, the arrangement and brightness of the lights, the width of the passage, the location and scale of the cash register, the installation of electrical wires and related government buildings Regulations, etc.

The spatial layout of the jewelry cabinet: the spatial pattern of the specialty store is complex and diverse, and each operator can choose and design the cabinet according to their actual needs. Generally, the general plan is first determined, such as the proportion of the salesperson's space, the customer's space and the merchandise space, divide the area, and then make changes, specifically display the merchandise, the three spaces of the store.

Commodity space: refers to the place where commodities are displayed. There are a variety of options such as box type, platform type and shelf type.

Clerk space: refers to the place needed by the clerk to receive customers and engage in related work. There are two situations: one is confused with the customer space, and the other is separated from the customer space.

Customer space: refers to the place where customers visit, choose and purchase goods. According to different goods, it can be divided into three forms: outside the store, inside the store, and a combination of inside and outside.

According to the four forms of store space pattern, the three spaces can be organically combined according to the quantity, type, sales method, etc., to form the four forms of specialty store space pattern.

1. A contact store with a narrow space for clerk activities. This type of spatial pattern is a traditional store format, and there is no room for customer activities. Customers contact, choose and purchase goods with shop assistants on the side of the road. It has three characteristics: one is that the activity space of the clerk is narrow; the other is that the customer activity area is outside the store; the third is that the merchandise space is in the store.

2. The clerk's activity space is wide and contact-type store. This spatial pattern also places customers outside the store, and clerk contacts with customers through the counter. The difference from the narrow contact type with the clerk space is that the clerk has a large activity space.

Its characteristics are as follows: the clerk's activity space is wide, the customer's activity is outside the store, and the goods are placed in the store. Because contact-type stores display goods on pedestrian passages, most contact-type stores have narrow space for clerk activities, but some are relatively wide. The cabinets of such stores are suitable for selling goods that are easy to carry without time-consuming and careful selection. gift.

3. Closed shops with narrow space for clerk activities. In this type of store, customers can only see the goods when they enter the storefront. The space for shop assistants is relatively narrow, and most of them are set up in prosperous areas. There are many customers, and the space occupied by shop assistants is minimized. This pattern is generally suitable for commodities such as valuables and gifts. Some specialty stores such as biscuits, candies and tea adopt this pattern, supplemented by partial contact.

4. A closed store with a wide space for clerk. This type of store has customers, clerk, and merchandise space all indoors. The clerk's activity space is wider and the customer activity space is also abundant.
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