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Jewelry Display Case

How to make a high-quality jewelry display case?

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The quality of the jewelry display case is very important and can be customized by the manufacturer of the display case. The material of the jewelry display case can be determined according to the decoration of the store, whether to take the high-end route or the mid-end route. After confirmation, you can put forward your own ideas to the display case manufacturer and let them design an exclusive jewelry display case for you, from appearance to The material must match the decoration of your jewelry store. So how is a good jewelry display case made?

1. Special attention should be paid to the treatment of lighting in the production of jewelry display cases

The goods sold in jewelry stores are more expensive, and the corner spotlights or LED lights will be able to highlight the dazzling luster of diamonds and the nobleness and rareness of jewelry, which will trigger consumers' desire to buy. The lighting design of the jewelry display case first comes from the top light source. There are two kinds of commonly used lights. The halogen lamp consumes a lot of power and emits a warm yellow light. LEDs and other white light with low power consumption and cool colors can be selected according to the needs. Fluorescent lamps are often used to illuminate the inside of jewelry display cabinets to improve the overall brightness. Cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed on the left and right corners of the front of the counter as supplementary light sources to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the jewelry. If it is in the form of an island cabinet, it is generally illuminated by a light strip to improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area.

2. The accessory materials of the jewelry display case should not be designed too fancy

The accessory materials of the display case are actually some decorations of the display case, such as carvings, inkjets, etc. The design should not be too fancy, it should be designed in combination with the overall image of the jewelry store, so that the auxiliary materials such as inkjet and carved flowers can play an embellishment effect. Pay special attention when handling, the focus must be on jewelry, not other decorations. Everything else is green leaves, which serves as a contrast.

3. When making jewelry display cases, while designing according to the space conditions, it should also be designed from the perspective of consumers, as far as possible to satisfy the psychological and physical needs of consumers. Simply put, we should do our best to make consumption The person looks comfortable and likes it when he looks at it, thus naturally accepting and buying.

Only the harmony and unity of the jewelry store and the display cases, which exudes charming charm, can attract more customers to enter the store and purchase your products.

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