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Limit orders the influence of the merchants and manufacturers who need to buy jewelry display cases!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:354    Pubtime:2017-12-11 09:48:56

In 2017, it will be a cold winter for third-party payment companies.The central bank and third parties have been issuing "cap orders" frequently.

It is reported that the central bank recently asked the third-party payment enterprises to issue the "administrative measures on payment mechanism network payment business management" and "guidance on the development of mobile payment business" to solicit opinions.According to the draft, the personal payment account transfer pen is not more than 1000 yuan, the annual cumulative cannot exceed 10,000 yuan.The personal payment account should not exceed 5000 yuan, and the monthly total cannot exceed 10,000 yuan.The above quota should be handled through the customer's bank account.

B2B in the draft, if passed, would make a huge impact, and then take that road shelves, shelves reveals ark processing customized products, mostly are very difficult to online sales, every road under factory after years of effort and the optimization, finally put the jewelry cases and custom-made do online sales industry leader, this time limit if passed, the online storefront industry sales will generate huge obstacles, processing customized cases belong to high-end products, the price is not cheap, of course, the 1000 yuan for purchasing, basic have no way to clinch a deal on the Internet, other place is not convenient for us to factory need to make cases to customers, there is no guarantee trading platform, can only be direct transfer, from the point of view of the customer is not fair, so don't make what we call limit order, let the market development, only the bank pass alipay!

Here are some comments from netizens from across the country:

"After years of online shopping addiction, I hope to be cured!"A "mincing man" looked at his ten fingers with great relief when he saw the draft."The daughter-in-law's shopping cart contains a lot of goods. On November 11, I will take a day off. I will go home and look at my daughter-in-law.Programmers like this can no longer be able to take their time off, because the central bank has put your daughter-in-law at risk.The "good husband" who silently picks and clicks on the items in his wife's shopping cart will also disappear on earth, because it's already over 5,000 yuan, or "delete it all".As far as the parents of distant land want to buy a home appliance, if more than 5000 yuan, or Lao you two go two steps, the physical store start.If you buy a set of home appliances and stamps, you'll have to wait for a monthly limit.Is that really good?I always feel that this "disease" is a little holding, my mother did not care how much money I spent on the Internet in a month, the central bank why you should care about me?!

As for the "personal payment account transfer pen no more than 1000 yuan, the annual cumulative cannot exceed 10,000 yuan" this one, basically cannot bear to look directly.Aside from this treasure, aside from my only financial mind, can this 10,000 yuan help me pay off my credit card bills, utilities, and mortgages?Central Banks, we really don't have the same frugality as you think.

The good news is that it is still in the process of soliciting opinion.Then I will also serve a stupid sentence: central bank, please let me spend money!

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