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Maintenance of jewelry display cabinets need to be noticed five points?You know what?

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:656    Pubtime:2017-09-19 11:33:20

The jewelry counter in the light of the light is very strong, the temperature is very high, and a day to open a long time, if the jewelry goods especially jade surrounding humidity is not high, itself free of water molecules will evaporate, so will lose moist luster, dry quickly, severe cases can damage the quality of the jade.

Apart from the need for water, jewelry jade ware also needs to pay attention to these seven issues, which can be boiled down to "four fears".

1, the oil

Many players will often be anointed in jade surface, the ancient jade would have thought it would be more warm, surface oil secretion of grease, oil, and the human body, deeply considered are favorable for jade, actually otherwise.The grease can actually hinder the sheen of the jade, instead of being warm and bright.In fact, after a period of time, the ancient jade is clean to oil, the oil withdrawal maintenance, to make it warm.

2, the red

The jade is sensitive to the smell, salty taste and so on. Jade is also vulnerable to damage.

3. Defilement

Jade in the disk play process, exposed to air or human secretions, can cause the ancient jade soil door to block, let it cannot "breathe", time long, also can affect the jade.

4, be afraid of fall

The hardness of jade is limited, and it is easy to break up or break up in violent impact, which can affect the structure of the structure.

When ancient jade is close to fire, it is easy to fade away.

5, be afraid of ice

Ancient jade is afraid of ice as well as water, on the one hand ice will influence the density of jade, on the other hand, it can also lead to color change

Ancient jade is afraid of ginger, many think ginger can deodorize and deodorize, but the fact is, ginger water will let the ancient jade rise to hemp point, and color loses.

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