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Make jewelry display case how to choose material!

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:657    Pubtime:2017-09-16 15:02:35

Generally in mall jewelry cases to make use of materials, and the glass is also reveals ark commonly used materials in the making, so for store decoration in the process of how to choose glass, also is to have the doorway,

Decorating a process generally use the main has two kinds of tablets and glass, glass and special glass now is more and more widely used nowadays, the application level also because some classify the advantage over the use of flat glass.

The toughened glass, which is very strong and has several times the strength of the plate glass, is strong, including stretching and force resistance, which are three to five times higher than plate glass:

Toughened glass is not easy to break, be careful not to knock in the process of using the four corners, even break of the glass is also in the form of no sharp Angle of rupture, greatly reduce plant damage degree, toughened glass used in glass display cases are the most frequently, followed by organic glass.It is important to note that the machine glass is not glass, the organic glass is a kind of polymer structure, its advantage is special guan guan, the damage degree is low, the malleability is strong.

Frosted and sandblasted glass, mainly through grinding and sanding processing, the two kinds of glass are very low in difference, basically can be used as the same kind of glass;

Embossed glass, this kind of glass can be transparent but not transparent, such as our bathroom and other places use high, in glass display cabinet also have use:

Wired laminated glass, wired glass mainly by rolling method (with embossed glass processing way), wire or metal mesh embedded in it, so that the glass broken only in table and reality of mesh division and falls will not cause harm to people;

The laminated glass is mainly composed of two or more glass pieces together through the gluing layer. When the glass is broken, it will stick to the glue adhesive, and its safety is high, such as bulletproof glass.

Hollow wave glass, which is mainly used as the sound insulation effect, mainly consists of two pieces of glass together with a gap in the middle which contains dry air, which can achieve the sound insulation effect.

In addition, there are also flexible hot curved glass, glass blocks and cellophane materials.

The consumer can make the jewelry display case according to the actual operation feasibility, the price, the various conditions of the process effect to rationally choose the glass material with high cost performance.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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