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What are the top 10 processes for making jewelry display cases in shenzhen?

Source:珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:656    Pubtime:2017-09-16 17:53:47

Traditional jewelry cases and design must be considered in the process of regional factors mainly refers to the shape of the display case size and how to layout position, between the different parts of these features to people's initial perception is under design that should be considered in the process of the primary factor.Of course, the area factor certainly also includes display ark and put position between the match degree and display ark color and product, put position, light and so on the coordination sex.

Next, the manufacturer of jewelry display cabinets of the road is to tell the story of the display cabinet production process:

Step 1: notification measurement

This link is making the original link in store goods reveals ark, general customers will be informed by phone display cabinet producers measurement, need to emphasize on specific categories of the time and place and specific brands, avoid the amount of leakage fault phenomenon.Display cabinet producers can also confirm with local business.Avoid this kind of phenomenon.In order to be more standardized, a special measurement notice should be set up to indicate the above contents and requirements.Fax to the display cabinet in written form as a basis for measurement.It is also for more effective field operation.

Step 2: site investigation

After receiving notice from the customer's measurement, shall establish a special measurement sheet, it reflects some of the stores and the detailed information of party a and the convenient store merchandise to the specific requirements of the display case throughout this process, and party a salesman contact first commonly, to the scene and shopping malls, business tripartite field survey, this will reduce a lot of unnecessary mistakes, this link is the whole store goods display cabinet production process is the most important link, is also the most prone to problem usually reflected in changes of the field and the requirements of making the mall these two aspects, the venue changes often general store will notify party a in advance, party a timely notification display cabinet producers to measure, and to produce the requested at the mall stores tend to raise some more rigid rules, often there is some conflict with party a's CI standards, if not made according to the requirements of the mall, reveal ark producers in the deposit cannot refund, hope to party a in communication with the store as well as strengthen the confirmation of this aspect, is advantageous for the display cabinet producers of field operations - jewelry display ark manufacturer friendship pointed out!

Step 3: design the diagram

Drawings in general according to the requirements of party a's CI design diagram, according to the different level of different store design different renderings, reveal ark producers can according to the design of measuring single build a special process only reflect in according to the project to some specific information, to facilitate better operate and implement the project.This document was followed by tracking, and the designer received the measurement list of the project and started to build it. By this project, it was confirmed that there was a relative link between the order and the factory.

Step 4: drawing confirmation

General drawing confirmation is divided into, the shopping mall and party a confirm, the store confirmation is confirmed by party a's business and the mall directly.And general problem is easier to produce in the mall drawings to confirm this, as a result of shopping in stores goods display ark as mentioned above at the same time, also has made some provisions of the store, and make your company has its own standard, often prone to conflicts, such as the floor of your company is not a special shopping mall is compound floor and stores must pave glass floor, sometimes easy to split, reveal ark producers usually after measurement.Fax measurement sheet to party a in writing reflects the specific requirements of the mall and the information above, party a after receiving display cabinet producers of measuring single at the same time with the mall again for further communication and solution, there would be fewer general issues.To ensure that the operation of this project is carried out in an unerrant scheme, the design of this drawing and the department store can be recognized.

Step 5: order confirmation

Drawings malls and produced under both parties confirm can place the order, will reveal ark producers to design process single situation in order to the factory, the documents above reflects all essential factors of the project and production requirements, convenient operated factory river.Also indicate the time of entry and completion time.This document can be completed only after receiving the confirmation drawings signed by the department store and the customer.

Step 6: offer confirmation

The drawings confirm that we have made a special quotation for the project according to the drawing, and party a confirms it.Confirmed after the audit notice we have production, party a will made in the form of a written notice of a boutique goods display cabinet production produced by fax to reveal ark, manifests the party a the above audit amount, producing area, producing types and requirements of the approach time completion of some specific factors such as time, reveal ark producers make receive the letter of acceptance as well as the design process and finally confirm the rendering to the factory, the factory according to the specific operating documents.

Step 7: factory production

Factory in receive design process (documents will reflect in the market of production requirements) at the same time, complete the review work, also set up the project material drawing sheet, the material used to make this project above, workers in according to the specific detail of the material drawing sheet, to the warehouse picking for production, produced in the factory at the same time, the factory director should be to his acceptance of the project, at the same time establish a project acceptance certificate, guarantee the project before installing product percent of pass is 100%, in this link factory must be in strict accordance with the specific requirements in the design process of single operation to avoid some problems.The factory director also audits the product according to the design procedure.

Step 8: pack and process

When the production of cases to be performed after the completion of the packaging, packaging method is the first with a plastic wrap around the shelves around a circle, is the second time in a layer of sponge rubber mat under the each corner, third time is a circle with paper bags, according to the cases and the size of the peripheral to wooden case packing.

Step 9: site installation

Store goods reveal ark produced, assembled on the spot at the same time we also set up the construction of the project accordingly (with tracking to) to store goods display cabinet are completed, reflects the project's basic information in the documents, and some of the problems in the process of assembling the project records, on-site construction often some emergencies and non-artificial factors change more, reveal ark producers will be reflected in this document, make confirmation to party a and store at the same time.Facilitate party a to better audit.

Step 10: site inspection

After completion, we will carry out the overall acceptance to party a's business personnel in the form of the project construction form and give the signature and evaluation.In this way, the qualified rate is 100% and the field assembly rate is 100%.The display cabinet also has a special after-sales service card attached to the back of the cash register. If there is any need for maintenance, you can directly call the producer of the display cabinet.In accordance with the specific requirements of party a, the company will set up a special after-sales service tracking service to deal with your company's maintenance matters in the first time.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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