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Popular science in the shop jewelry display ark design and production need to do what to prepare!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:171    Pubtime:2017-12-13 09:48:09

 now many real wood shelves before they go out all through the strict dry processing procedures, but this does not mean that can not often moistureproof nursing care.Small make up proposal, solid wooden jewelry display ark wants to use special cleanser to undertake maintenance, can use protective wax or special cleanser evenly spread on furniture surface, then gently wipe can;Or use blotting paper to post furniture surface moisture-proof.If our cases and caught in the rain or accidentally bubble water, that is the first thing we think of take out in the sun, it is a common and effective method, timely to bask in the sun is very necessary, exhibiting ark of dehumidification was carried out on the shelves, not only can prevent some moth on shelves.And if the jewelry display is already wet and invasive, what can we do about it?Of course, in the jewelry booth designer's mind, long ago for you to think of the solution of these problems.

Along with the rapid development of the market shelves, shelves in the department store design and cases to make the application more, make store shelves, with the great development and progress, this is mainly for market competition tend to be more mature, enterprises pay more attention to the result of shaping the brand image.However, domestic department stores, shopping malls and store display cabinets lack the overall planning design and the standard requirements for professional standards.This problem is due to the lack of professional commercial design companies and talents in our country, as well as the lack of specific guidance of professional companies in the design planning of commercial enterprises in shopping malls.So on store decoration planning and exhibition shelves design more imitation components, and cases to make the company to store business, management, marketing demand, but also the lack of professional understanding and research of the system.Hence, the homogenization of the visual space of many shopping malls, the display cases and props lack practicality, artistic, economic, security and humanized functional requirements.To this end from the retail, commercial decoration experience and research, the store display cabinet design, the production has the following key points.

Design communication and planning

Whether it is the operator, or the display cabinet design company, in the design of the display cabinet, the shelves should be fully communicated with each other's requirements concepts and objectives.Good communication is the necessary premise of design cases and is also indispensable, there is no good communication agreement, cases and design originality, practicability, security, culture, people nature can produce.

Both sides need to be very clear about the design intention and special needs of the display cabinet, so as to establish a design consensus.

The design company fully understands the connotation of the merchant or certain brand characteristics: namely, enterprise culture;Target customer behavior, psychology, preferences, career and other factors of motivation;The price, style, appearance, color and function of the products provide the creative design basis for the design of the display case.

To business practice investigation, detailed exploration and site understand the shelves in the store space and architectural structure, facilities (heaven, earth, walls, column, lighting, ventilation, the channel, stair, etc.) hardware environment characteristics.This provides a design basis for the design and display of the products, to attract customers and to display the brand image.

Research together with the operator to design cases and the surrounding neighborhoods of storefront design features and brand image, reference, contrast design thinking and ideas, whether harmonious (theme color, light intensity of illumination and color temperature), whether has the visual impact, and connection cohesion exhibiting ark recommended scheme is put forward.

Contact property management and security management, communication, understanding the electricity, fire protection, security, environmental protection, and specific requirements, such as shopping malls specific to ensure that they meet the storefront design, production quality requirements and acceptance of work.

In the paint must not let under sunlight, and pay attention to in the cases and the lacquer that bake when bottom paint will take a longer apart, don't try so hard, if it is found that the paint surface bubbles, we want to burnish, then paint in accordance with the process from the new paint.Until the booth is out of question.We should also pay attention to the paint. When it comes to the paint, we will try to add some dry and easy to evaporate the high temperature materials.So we should pay attention to in the process of transportation, try to choose in the morning or evening it's cooler time of delivery, delivery is not in periods when the sun is very strong, so that can avoid storefront is blasting bask in the sun.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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