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How to judge whether a jewelry display cabinet factory has the advantage!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:361    Pubtime:2017-12-13 09:45:16

When merchants purchase jewelry display cases, first we need to find the location of the display cabinet. The following are the elements of the design of jewelry display cabinets:

1, sells color to unify, the clothing and decorate colour to be of very harmonious be in harmony are an organic whole, can let a person at first glance, see that you sell the mass-tone attune of the unification, but here I say, not let clothing and decoration color exactly, that will let stores appear very dull, should let the local contrast and obedience as a whole.

The purpose of lighting.Lighting plays a key role in clothing stores, a same clothes polishing and showing no lights out effect is completely different, especially model, hang the piece show, must use shoot the lamp to foil.The color of the light should also be appropriate, the blue light gives the person very cold, cold, psychedelic feeling (sell summer outfit), yellow light, give a person very warm feeling (sell winter outfit).

3, the fitting room is very important, customer is the decision to buy clothes are mostly made in the fitting room, there are many stores of the fitting room is ugly (this is very affect sales), you just think: when you walk into your customers, the fitting room on a soft wool carpet and delicate the handle of the door shut, and after trying on a dresser can let her try comb the hair, can also be sprayed a delicate little perfume, feel oneself is a princess?(the princess is sure to buy the clothes she likes) note: article 3 refers to the clothing items such as wool carpets, dressers and small perfumes suitable for high-end positioning, so as not to be stolen.

How to choose a proper good itself under factory, necessary to the cases to factory to do the following understanding, management, price, material, and cases to factory work, custom huaxia there some detailed introduction for you to do the following:

A: the container factory wants to see affairs.

In the selection of the display case, it is sure to select the manufacturers who are in the position of being in place, so that we can obtain the maintenance of the project in real time.In the application process of the display case, the sign that the knob loosens and scratches on the surface is easy to rise, the company will automatically supply the service to the customer, and promote the knowledge to the customer.In view of the natural cracking of artificial stone, the customer can obtain the repair, replacement and compensation, and the ambry company should have clear and open consent.

2: the container factory chooses to see the price.

The consumer must have a possible positioning of the first and foremost of itself, and then select the display case which is worthy of the name and price.To choose the clearly firm offers on the company and don't choose the seemingly agio's eve was rigged, due to the good product of capital is high also, factory to a living must connect the reasonable profit space.If the price of a particular brand is too low to be able to be able to play a very long time, reasonable indication is: its original material level is low, the price of the price also response is very low, big general its processing equipment is more slightly.

Third: the selection and construction of the container factory depends on the construction quality.

Storefront, ambry door plank, mesa material and its brand, have confirmed that the material, the brand button, orbit, exhibiting ark cabinet put oneself in another's position is moistureproof board, sealing side of the brand, brand of hot melt adhesive, handle and other hardware brand, to distinguish between the material of the brand, after all, is so pure entrance WaiYang brand of collecting labor, is a real international famous brand so only under the "meaning" of the eve of the country such as the title of the fake and shoddy goods, to distinguish the method is to ask for coherent is empowered to book and confirm the material.

Fourth: to see the work of the display cabinet factory.

The chief procuratorial panel, door panel, box body and seal bar, and anti-collision bar are not punished by the mechanical pressure, whether it is a positive or negative one.Good product temporary use will not blister and deform.The sealing strip should be closed and not strict enough to form oil fume, dust and insects.In the work of the exhibition cabinet, we should pay attention to the inspection of its details, such as whether there is a small collapse of the plate, which can reflect whether the opening saw is the entrance or the quality.

If the sealing side of the seal is not dense, the edge is not lubricated, which can reflect whether there is an inlet sealing machine or whether it has the active tracking of the building side effect.

Lubrication, such as a button hole is smooth, it can reflect any button machine, such as opening and closing door plank, the drawer is lightsome bored with slide, the response button, track quality, such as plate flat level, mesa of light level and so on.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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