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Professional jewelry display cabinet factory process

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:237    Pubtime:2020-09-16 09:45:43
 Modern brand store, brand image store, flagship store and brand culture display shop -- the design of the lifestyle shop is all related to the brand culture display.

Culture show is a very important in modern commercial space design factors, many of the design concept, design development should be show on the expression of culture, a good design is to have the connotation, make each shape modelling, the use of color, display methods should be express a thought and a kind of brand culture, the designer's design demand combined with culture, make the design of each store is full of reiki, can express the culture of the brand.

Look from broad sense, both the east and the west, commercial space design is in all countries on the basis of traditional culture is developed step by step, mutual penetration and mutual influence of culture, the space of the commercial display more exciting, / and with The Times.

From the diversity of world culture, it is possible to have an international brand with personality and nationality. The brand needs to be

integrated with the world culture to combine the brand culture with the world culture.In the commercial space design, fully absorb the

nationality traditional culture essence, has the strong national culture design, can play in the modern commercial space design and display

and express cultural display effect.

In commercial space design, shape, texture, color and culture factors are closely connected, designer can be said to be the designer of

success beyond the material and technology, demand and market, function and aesthetic, cultural and environmental constraints, such as a

variety of factors to achieve the result of the free state of the design.

In recent years, wooden display cases have become more and more popular!In each big line brand mall, the display ark of display product is

woodiness mostly, the malleability of wooden display ark is very strong!

But at the same time the current wooden display case market, whether the price of the display ark or quality, can say is good and bad

mixed.Many on the surface look similar to wooden display ark, the price is very far.

Why is that?Many customers ask such questions.Actually, there are many reasons!Good display ark, from material, process structure, detail, have very high requirement!

Jewelry cases and the quality of more and more get the attention of people, many customers are think so, they are selling high-end jewelry

brand, of course, also want to have high quality cases to show off their jewelry, can foil a its atmosphere.But if you want to buy good quality

cases is difficult, the general cases and factory don't have the ability, and in order to benefit in the Numbers to the market to provide cases

do not meet the requirements of high quality, our customer need to do to see that these weaknesses,funroad  under Professional jewelry display cabinet more than 10 years old brand, suggest you choose to be the manufacturer that actually makes jewelry display ark.

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