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The material comparison of the jewelry display cabinet

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:684    Pubtime:2020-09-16 09:45:53
1. Iron material of jewelry display factory: the advantage is that the material is cheap and the material is lighter.The disadvantage is that the structure changes little, and it is difficult to make all kinds of effects. If the whole is made of sheet metal, it lacks the taste of the design.
2. Timber of the container factory: the advantage is that the structure can be adjusted so that it can make all kinds of design effects, and the price of materials is also moderate.The disadvantage is that the material is heavier, making it inconvenient and unsuitable to move.
3. Tempered glass of jewelry display cabinet: the advantage is that the materials are cheap and have a good effect.The disadvantage is that the material is heavy and fragile.
4. The pressure of the display case: the advantage is that it has a crystal clear effect.The disadvantage is that the material is heavy, fragile and expensive.
In cases in an increasingly competitive market situation, many cases and factory is not very pay attention to the metal material of the counter, but hardware among cases are very important, especially for jewelry cases, jewelry cases mostly belong to the European style, we can imagine the continental shelves looks low-key costly, if only with the general stainless steel hardware handle or hinges, so it is in the class is far away,
Every road decoration under the company focus on business cases to customize for 13 years, main business cases to customize, exhibiting ark factory, jewelry shelves, shelves, food custom and so on, exhibiting ark manufacturer provides straightly, customized, full service.
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