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Senior designer talk about jewelry display ark design original intention!

Source: 珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:652    Pubtime:2017-10-11 09:41:26

Jewelry display cabinet should consider not only beautiful and applicable at the beginning of design.More need to consider the effect on customers and the subsequent impact of the exhibits.

1. Illuminance of jewelry display cabinet

Illumination refers to the brightness of the subject, so it is often used as one of the most basic methods to measure the quality of lighting.Reasonable key lighting can create a variety of contrast effects, emphasize the shape, texture and color of the goods, enhance the visibility and attraction of the goods, and attract more eyeballs.

In jewelry cases to act the role ofing is tasted lighting design, because like gold, platinum, pearl, diamond, such as small volume, act the role ofing highlight show you need to use accent lighting, and its accessories intensity of illumination should be high enough, and some jewelry such as jade, crystal, cultured is downy, intensity of illumination need not too much.

2. Three-dimensional feeling of jewelry display cabinet

Exhibits stereo sense is by irradiation light irradiation than have certain difference between the different direction of form, especially is the application of the backlight is very important, the foreign always has a backlight in the design of the color of the light, space and stereo sense is formed mainly by backlight, such as backlight 100%, side light 50%, and 20% of the sunlight to form the three-dimentional sculpture, usually there are five directions: the illuminate of lamplight

1) top light: the top light that forms the vertical dimension of the upper and lower direction, the projection of the light object is small, and the bright and dark contrast is strong.

Lateral 2) light: Yin and Yang are formed around the side of the light, the light from the left and right sides and upper left, upper right, lower left and right side of the light, light projection clear object, stereo sense is strong, rich layers, is the most acceptable way of light.

3) the surface light: basic lighting of 45 ° inclined front surface of the light, projection light, light color object appeared completely, but the stereo feeling poor.

4) backlighting: the backlight that causes the exhibits to break away from the background, the lighting from the right rear, the external contour of the light object, and the silhouette effect of artistic charm.

5) bottom light: the backside effect is used as the backlight of the subsidy, and the light from the bottom up can be used as auxiliary light.

Gold, pearl and other jewelry that rely solely on the reflected light, pay attention to the direction of the light incident, and let the reflected "flash point" stimulate customers' eyes;Jade, crystal and other exquisite and transparent jewelry, should pay attention to the light.

3. The light and color combination of jewelry display case

In jewelry under finite space and light color, in the creative design of fantastic GouZhi gives infinite work, at this point, as a light color art space props - all kinds of Angle of light, space and exhibits collocation and arrangement.

According to the type of jewelry with reasonable color temperature and light color, such as gold jewelry can be used for lighting;Silver products or gemstone products can be illuminated by 5500K cold white light.In the same area using the same color temperature of light source, let pearl flashing and charming iridescence, allow coloured gems to present more powerful colors and bright light, let diamond present glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, pure flame, and whiteness.

4. The sense of space in the jewelry booth

To highlight a certain subject or part of the space, focus the light on a specific part.Should choose the area lighting and special effects lighting jewelry cases to show two forms, and specially bright area and dark area to form a contrast with change, create the atmosphere of the various needs, the illuminate of lamplight should change only illuminates the important position of the common, thus overlook the key parts, the projection of the light should be uniform in the exhibits, background and props three regions.It is precisely because of the light zone and brightness that the light zone and dark area make up the space in the display of jewelry display.

On the whole used less point light source, combined with every piece of jewelry individual lighting light projection technique, to form a contrast, such not only enriched the space level, and fully show the individual character of each piece of jewelry.

The principle of display cabinet design:

1.In the premise of local size, the size of the jewelry display cabinet should be in line with the size of the storefront rented by the merchant, not exceeding the scope, and small and delicate.

2.Easy to remove: saving installation or setting up time, saving manpower and material cost, it is better to adopt standardization and serialization, and the connection mode is based on combination and disassembly.

3.The shape and color of the jewelry display case can't make a noise.

4.Local materials should be used to adapt to local processing conditions and technical level, as well as local cultural styles.

5.Use environmentally friendly, recyclable, safe prop components as much as possible.

The first impression has a direct impact on the subsequent development.People in a store to buy jewelry, the first is the jewelry display ark, jewelry display ark directly affect the consumers to the layout of the aesthetic, through the consumer's first impression of jewelry.So how should we arrange the jewelry display cabinet to make the customer impression bonus, does not produce aesthetic fatigue?

The first impression is the lighting design on the jewelry display case.Commonly used in jewelry cases to light sources are used metal halide lamp, metal halide lamps and lanterns highlighting strength, high light efficiency, but the metal halide lamp is easy to make jewelry distortion or aging, so you don't normally used in jewelry, the storefront window but for outside.And halogen lamp has a big advantage, can be used in jewelry display ark interior jewelry illume.There is also a compact and flexible projection of halogen lamps, which are easier to control.Also should pay attention to the choice of illuminant respect, not person any jewelry is used the same kind of light source.In general, the use of white light and gold in the use of yellow light and emerald jade is used for the use of neutral light.Such jewelry is decorated by the ornament of lamplight, can be lifelike, bright and beautiful.

Secondly, there is the layout of the jewelry store.In general, the display form of jewelry display cabinet will be displayed mainly in the form of branches, linearity and arc, which will eventually be arranged according to the actual site.Long and narrow Spaces are usually linear.The layout is more compact and orderly.If you want to have a strong showing effect, you can use the arrangement of the branches, so that you can improve the utilization rate of the site.But that requires a lot of space.But now more is the combination of these layout forms, the combination of linear and arc, bough and arc.Add in the designer's embellishment.Make the jewelry display cabinet layout more orderly, beautiful.Deeply attracted the consumer's eyeball, deepened the consumer's impression of jewelry.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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