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Shenzhen fan road makes the display case lacquer painting is exquisite!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:629    Pubtime:2017-11-21 09:40:51

Shenzhen every way making the exhibiting ark: the lacquer that bake storefront and spray paint under difference: a, process: the lacquer that bake: on the base material three times, four times paint primer, each again paint, into clean HengWen curing barn, baking.Spray paint: on the base material to grind the wool, then spray paint on it, natural air dry.

The difference between the lacquer display cabinet and the spray painting booth:

I. technology:

Baking paint: three times of primer, four coats of paint, and every time it is painted, it is sent to a clean room for baking and baking.

Spray paint: on the base material to grind the wool, then spray paint on it, natural air dry.

Ii. Paint film.

Method: use hand to touch the four edges of the door panel, whether to lubricate, credential;Look at the color of the edges and see if they are the same color as the door panel.

Baking varnish: angular lubrication, same color.Prove the paint film on average, the color is plump.

Spray paint: the angular part is rough, the color is lighter than the door.It is proved that the paint film is not average and the color is not full:

3. Grain.

Contrast the light, look at the exterior of the door, whether it can have orange peel phenomenon.

Baking varnish: surface lubrication, no grain, orange peel phenomenon.

Spray paint: the door panel has grain, not lubrication, orange peel phenomenon.


Method: use hand to touch the exterior of the door board, whether can have the dust grain, bubble.

Baking varnish: the facade is smooth and lubricated.

Spray paint: the door panel has particulate matter, not lubrication and touch.

Five, wear-resisting.

Practice: hit with hard objects.

Baking varnish: no abnormal condition, no damage to paint film.

There was a crack, a severe paint drop, a drop of white skin.

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